The promise, the aspiration and expectation of what the next turn in the forest path might bring, was exhilarating. The path itself was intriguing, with so many little discoveries to be made along the way of our adventure, but we had come upon vistas of glorious, never-to-be-forgotten beauty, and that kept pushing us to go ever further in search of more of them. I was exploring the west coast of Vancouver Island with Rika, my adorable wife, last summer.

I’m sure you have felt the same in your wanderings, at times, and the theme here is business. After many years in your own business, as long as you are a real entrepreneur and you continue to innovate and explore new opportunities and possibilities, the path is literally strewn with exciting new achievements and insights, and you yearn for the next; that keeps us going, doesn’t it?

I’m not talking about those who refuse to initiate new endeavours and pioneer – they are the ones whose businesses slowly die around them like rotting corpses, and they feel like the day has been seized, beaten, strip searched, and sentenced. Not for them the promise – rather cascading jolts of misanthropy and depression, developing all the charm of a double hernia and attracting the pig ignorant to their mound of misery.

Of course finding the right business and recreating yourself are fundamental to the joint adventures that define and are indeed required by Ziglar’s “You can get anything you want out of life if you’re prepared to help enough other people to get what they want,” that will attract the explorers, the courageous, the hopeful and the intelligent to join you and partner with you on your exciting mission. Finding the pearl of great price in business is the quest of every true creator.

And when you find the right vehicle, discovery upon dazzling discovery is there for you, provided that you endure the path when it is uphill, slippery, thorny, boring, and even a little scary for the faint at heart. The vehicle, for me, has of necessity changed and morphed over the years – nothing stays the same. Age and education are of no importance to me– attitude and enthusiasm are all we need.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com