People used to believe that you get an education, get a job, work 40 hours a week for 40 years then retire with a nice fat pension. We all know that those days are long gone. 30% of Americans are on food stamps. When people stop looking for work, your government no longer considers them unemployed, yet 30 % of Americans are unemployed. And it’s getting worse, fast, with automation, outsourcing, bad government choices, and offshore supply.

But the government and the schools don’t want you to know that, because they’re making money selling useless education and lending you money. Student loan debt is worse than credit card debt. While you can escape credit card debt by declaring bankruptcy and all is forgiven, Student loan debt is NEVER forgiven – you can’t escape it! It’s the worst of all debt. And wages of college graduates is going down while prices and taxes are increasing!

It’s easy for governments to control people who are poor and desperate and dog tired from working two or three jobs and depending on the government for handouts. And those that do have jobs are working harder and harder for less and less as inflation increases. On Monday mornings, the heart attack rate increases by 35%. People hate their jobs and live for Fridays. They decorate their little cubicles and put up with their nasty bosses. They live in a sea of worry. And their miserable two weeks a year of vacation have now turned into STAYcations because they can’t afford to go away! There is a better way.

As we get older, it’s harder to get a job or keep a job, people need “qualifications” to get a job that doesn’t pay enough, and immigrants and young people suffer even more. It doesn’t have to be “THE economy” – it can be “MY economy!” Stop putting your future into the hands of other people. That’s what happened in 2008. You can control your own future. You don’t have to settle or surrender. You don’t have to be a modern day slave.

So people say, “Become an entrepreneur and get a business.” Well, to buy a little yoghurt shop can cost you $200K! It’s very risky, and many people don’t have the money to start their own business. Plus, it takes a lot of time. You could become an investor if you have the money and love huge risks. And then you have accounting, inventory, insurance, employees…. Buy a MacDonalds for a million to $2.3 million, and you could earn $200K per year. Most people can’t do that.

I use simple, accessible, proven money generating systems that anyone can use from home in their part time to break free from financial pressure and slavery.

Zig Ziglar said, “You can get anything you want out of life, if you’re prepared to help enough other people to get what they want.” I want to help you get what you want.

Robin Elliott