Whistler 001

We’ve all seen kids trying to run up the escalator stairs that are going down – they tend to stay in one place, don’t they? You can be as motivated and hard working, focused and committed as can be, but when you are driving a broken tractor with one wheel, you’re not going to reach the seaside. Sorry, kids. Sorry, wife. Sorry situation.

So why do people persists on sticking with the vehicles that are not taking them to their destinations? It’s simple, really – whatever the vehicle you’re currently using – be it a business model, a network marketing company, and exercise regime, or a diet? The system doesn’t work, however you blame yourself. You cannot admit that it doesn’t work. You say, “I have invested so much time and money and energy in this, I can’t just walk away now” – even though you’re going bankrupt and your marriage is breaking up and your kids have been missing for weeks.

You say, “If I just hold on until the convention / my bonus / the holidays, everything will change.” Or, “If I attend THIS seminar and read THIS book or buy THIS course, I will turn things around.” Wake up and smell the bacon. How long do you want to flog that dead horse? He’s dead. Expired. Not getting up. Passed on. You cannot ride him to the end of the rainbow. Sorry.

Now I’m not suggesting persistence and perseverance doesn’t work. I’m not saying you should quit one week in, like too many do. But sometimes it’s YOU and sometimes it’s the VEHICLE. Don’t be attached to the system or the vehicle; be attached to the destination. Hence my question: “If I could show you a better way to reach your objectives faster, make a lot more money, and have fun doing it, would you change horses?” Smart people do.

So if your business cashflow is slower than treacle and your employees and leaving and you’re working harder and harder for less and less and your laborers earn more than you do, it’s time for change. Change the business or change your systems. If the network marketing company you’re with has passed its prime and living in the frail care centre or your “Life Coach” is in worse shape than you are (most of them are, sadly), it’s time for CHANGE. The door to the high speed elevator is wide open. Stop making excuses and ditch that tractor and leap into the drag racer.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com