When what we want holds more power than the fear of what you we will encounter in the process of accomplishing what we want, we will take the action that ensures our success.

When we believe that the pain of remaining where we are exceeds the pain of change, we will make the change.

In both cases above, the fear and the perception of pain is in our heads. So how can we shift our perceptions in order to accomplish our goals? First, every belief is based on evidence we select. We create meanings for our opportunities and threats in our heads. And that is a choice.

When we appraise a new opportunity that is presented to us, for example, we usually compare it to all the other opportunities we have tried in the past, and we often remember the pain and the failures. And our ideas of what pain and difficulties we might encounter are optional, too. You can be a money magnet!

So start with this: Imagine that if you didn’t recruit a new person or make a sale within the next five hours, you would be tortured to death, but if you did make a sale or recruit someone within the next five hours, you would definitely win a million dollars. What would you suddenly be prepared to do that you previously wouldn’t do or convinced yourself you couldn’t do? The pain and pleasure attached to the achievement of your goal changed, and now you’re prepared to do what it takes.

Make mental pictures and create mental stories of what will happen if you do or don’t take the action necessary to achieve your goals and to persist UNTIL your goals are achieved. Tell yourself different stories.

Also, focus on what can go RIGHT instead of what can go WRONG. Focus on your strengths and rewards and opportunities instead of your weaknesses and threats and fears. Where focus goes, energy flows, and business grows.

PERSISTENCE is the key factor in achieving our goals. Patience and dogged determination are the secrets of winners. So create a lot of small goals along the way to your big goals. Tick off and congratulate yourself every time you achieve one step up the ladder, like making ten phone calls, attending a meeting, watching a training video, arranging a meeting, making a call to support your downline, and so on.

It’s all in your head, and you can control every thought and perception and fear and hope in your head! Practice. Hang out with winners and positive achievers. Read motivational material, listen to motivational ideas and CD’s, act like a winner, dress like a winner, talk like a winner, carry yourself like a winner. Expect to succeed by taking the actions that will create your success. And when you fall down (and you will,) get right back up again. Manage your self talk.

When we control our input (places we go, what we read, see, hear, and watch, and whom we associate with), we can control our choices and results – our output. It’s all a choice that we have to make multiple times a day, until it becomes a SUCCESS HABIT. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Immerse yourself in your training videos and learn everything you can about your company, products and services, and your confident will grow.

Instead of feeling “rejected and hurt” when you get a “NO,” celebrate! Every no gets you closer to a profitable YES. See the NO’s as rungs on the ladder that you are climbing to success. And when you’re feel9ing abit down, talk with your mentors or read books or watch videos (all free on YouTube) by Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and other winners. Now read the Million Dollar Success Plan below.

Robin Elliott