We’ve seen those sad pictures of firing squads shooting a blindfolded man. The blindfold doesn’t stop the bullet. Yet today, as the world economy as falling off a cliff, blindfolds are being churned out and sold hand over fist. In fact, there’s a lot of money to be made in the manufacture and sale of blindfolds.

One is the video game blindfold. You get to kill “Zombies” – read “people and demographics you hate” – and drive recklessly without consequences – our youth (and adults who refuse to grow up) are being conditioned to believe that there are no consequences to their choices through video games and movies.

Another is the Social Media blindfold: there is no need to learn to communicate effectively or create real friendships when you have access to Twitter and Facebook – and no need to learn patience or self discipline when you get virtually instant responses. And Western governments increasingly move towards the legalization of marijuana – potheads don’t have the interest energy, or awareness to questions their jailers. Smart, active kids are drugged in schools in order to drag them down.

Another blindfold is debt. Band-aid the fact that you spend more than you earn by constantly grabbing the bait of the barbed hook of credit card debt, lines of credit, home mortgages, and the like, and massage your conscience with the hope that mom and dad will die soon and leave you a fat inheritance (after the collectivist State steals half of it in taxes.)

And then there is the rabid lapdog of the politicians and their masters, the bankers: the media. The media destroys the family, desecrates decent values, and urges us to buy stuff we don’t need and can’t afford with borrowed money to impress people we don’t like and who don’t even notice. The media that persuades the mindless masses that “everything will be OK” and that “your caring leaders are working hard to help and protect you.” The media that teaches the sheeple to make champions of villains like Mandela and Che and Obama while these “heroes” destroy lives and countries.

But the biggest and most dangerous of all the blindfolds is that of the economy. Greek families who owned their homes and passed them down, mortgage free, through generations, lost those homes – their beloved government stole them by raising the property taxes until they had to sell their homes. Americans have been conned for so long that they are the best in the world in everything they do that they now find it almost impossible to accept that their country’s financial situation is about to implode. And so they don’t prepare for the coming fall. They just buy more blindfolds – a new car, a new home, a bigger TV set, more toys – and spend their time watching TV instead of preparing.

And if you do prepare when you have courageously ripped the rotting blindfold from your eyes, you’re called a conspiracy theorist or a prepper or worse by the “patriots” who willingly send their sons to die in false flag wars so that their country can steal more oil and prop up their flailing economy and keep their monopoly money dollar from crashing until they are out of office and drawing a fat pension.

The best advice I can give you is, in the following order, God, Guts, Gold, Guns, Groceries. And you can earn good money using the systems that I do.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com