One thing that all successful salespeople learn is to “Ride the Momentum.” It’s a simple, yet highly effective strategy that anyone, in any sales capacity, can use to effectively boost sales. We teach salespeople that, once you close a sale or get an appointment, immediately go for another one.

We all know that momentum helps the rider of a bicycle ride up a small hill: Go fast on the downhill to gain momentum, then use that momentum to get up and over the next rise. In the same way, when a salesperson makes a sale, he gains momentum, new energy, confidence, enthusiasm. He has positive expectations; he radiates belief in his product or service. And if he can broadcast his success, or, better still, have other broadcast it, his credibility increases, and this is the best time to initiate and close new and pending sales.

When the fire is burning, feed the fire. People are naturally attracted to successful leaders. They follow success. They seem to believe that some of it will magically rub off on them, that they will, by some miraculous, mystical means absorb some of it. Like osmosis. They want to associate with and be associated with success. That’s why you see people having their pictures taken with “successful” people. It’s pathetic, I know, but then the average person is very predictable.

People “drop names” and want to be seen around movie stars (women who get paid to take their clothes off, smoke, drink, and pretend to have sex with strangers – there’s another name for them) and politicians (who generally sell their consciences and souls to the highest bidder for a pension, power, money, and accolades.) That is human nature. Sad, but true. And those are the same people who buy your stuff. They want to feel they are doing the right thing, and if a lot of other people are doing it, it must be right, after all…

When you’re hot, you’re hot! You will burn through objections and any doubt your prospect may have had like a laser. Now is the time to upsell that woman in your salon chair.

So when you have just accomplished something great, or made a sale, don’t go off and tell your wife and have a celebratory meal – hit the streets or the phone or the networking event, or run a sales meeting, or recruit someone, or go and talk to that prospect who formerly intimidated you, but keep on selling! Ride that wave like a boss!

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com