It’s quite normal to feel “stuck” at times in any business. “Who do I call now? I have contacted everyone I know! I’m depressed / disheartened / disappointed / worried. My income has gone down, my spouse is complaining, me people aren’t producing…” Nothing new, folks.

Business works in cycles, and when we find ourselves in a slow time, well, that’s the perfect time to ramp up to a new level on production and income – if we know how. And that is what this article is all about.

You haven’t made a mistake or wasted time or money or let anyone down. You’re in business. You made the right decision, and you haven’t wasted anything or disappointed anyone, so stop worrying and beating yourself up, and let me share some real life solutions that will work for you in real time. Please read all 20 of these ideas before you leap into enthusiastic, premature action.

1. We’re not all about the products.
What they DO want is MONEY. Lead with the solution, not the product.

2. Understand that life is cyclical.
The people you approached by email probably never read their emails – only 30% of emails are opened (as opposed to 98% of texts) – or they were busy or distracted at the time, or their circumstances were such that they felt they weren’t ready at the time or didn’t need more money. Things change. Times change. Circumstances change. People lose money, make money, get fired. Relationships change, everything changes all the time. NO means NOT YET. So get on the phone and call all those people again, and, by the law of averages, you will close a few of them. If nothing else, please ask them for referrals! “Who do you know who needs more money?”

3. Work with your people.

Every one of your people has unique problems, challenges, opportunities, connections, strengths, and hidden resources. By helping them, you help yourself. Take the time to do a “resource audit” with each of them, reach out, motivate them, share this information with them. Email it to them, then call them and ask if they received it. Then work through it with them. Support them. Show you care. You are responsible to help them. As their circumstances change, they may now be more ready than they previously were.

4. Make a NEW list
Your list of prospects is old – out of date – even within a week! Why? Because you meet new people all the time. Go through your address book, your social media, your business cards, think about all the new people you meet, all those whom you sent emails instead of calling because you were to shy or too lazy – call them. They’ll be impressed that you are still in the business. And all your people know people, too. They may have been approached by others in the meanwhile and now their interest is peaked…

5. Make it EASY on people.
Don’t be complicated. Use an easy 3 step system. Keep it simple and you’ll lower the resistance barrier. People don’t want to know all the details initially, especially regarding the compensation. Don’t overwhelm them with stuff. In the same way, when you’re stuck, make it easy on yourself. Simply go through this list and call people, go to meetings, encourage your downline.

6. Be patient.
Corn takes time to grow – weeds grow fast. Don’t rush people. Make them aware of the scarcity and urgency factors and then back off. Strong people don’t need help to make decisions, and pushy people just irritate everyone. Be patient with others and with yourself. Instead of being impatient with your reaping, double your sowing!

7. Don’t SELL.
Explain. Don’t push or sell. If you’re selling you seem desperate and needy. Fake it until you make it – people buy from confident and relaxed people who don’t need them or their money. Give them the option – “This may be for you and it it may not, and that’s OK. I’m busy and you’re busy, so let me cut to the chase here.” If you want to sell more, simply SEE more, don’t push those you do see harder.

8. Customize.
Customize your approach to every person. Get to know enough about them to make the pitch fit. Don’t try selling sneakers to legless people or hearing aids to people whose hearing is fine. How can Karatbars help your particular prospect reach his particular goals, given his particular situation? In the same way, don’t approach people with whom you are not comfortable. I don’t recruit people I don’t like or don’t trust. I don’t work with people who make me feel uncomfortable or who lie – but that’s just me. Customize your approach so that you’re comfortable and confident and enjoy yourself. Then you will make more money.

9. Participate in the training.
Are you participating, are you active on the Facebook page? You will get lots of new ideas, tips and hints, and motivation. Attend the events, be involved. Surround yourself with positive people at all times. Don’t mix with whiners and losers and those who blame others when they fail. You only fail when you quit.

10. Ask for Help!
Don’t be proud, don’t be shy, ask for help from your upline, ask for referrals from your contacts and friends, even if you are just asking for some motivation. Asking works. (DON’T ask people for help unless you are in their downline – it’s not fair on them or their people.)

11. Focus.
Where focus goes, energy flows, and success grows. If you focus on your problems and what is not working or if you’re trying to do two network marketing businesses at the same time, or you’re distracted when you’re working, you won’t get ahead. Even if you only dedicate one hour a day to your business, make sure you are laser focused during that hour. “You can’t serve two masters, for you will love the one and despise the other.” You can’t chase two rabbits or ride two bicycles. Treat your business like a hobby or a sideline, and you will earn a hobby or a sideline income. Get serious. This is a real business, and it can make you RICH. Treat it accordingly and with the respect and attention it deserves. Stop playing at it. And YES, you can and should have multiple income streams – the average millionaire has seven, so he doesn’t periodically go from feast to famine.

12. Fill your head with power.
Not the stuff you sniff or drink or inhale – you’re not an idiot. Garbage in equals garbage out, friend. Only mix with winners. Only listen to, read, and watch inspiring, motivating information. Input creates output. Read “The Slight Edge.” While I eat my oats in the morning, I watch motivating videos on YouTube.

13. Get around more people.
In my city, Vancouver, there are at least four networking meetings a day. Get involved, get out, meet people, get known, be friendly, help others, volunteer, get around successful, motivated people. That is where you can meet your new leaders, people who can make you rich in Karatbars. They’re not in your bedroom or hiding behind your TV set. You can’t recruit the people in your video game. And please, make sure you look and talk and act like a successful business person when you’re out and about networking. Model yourself on the most successful people you know – how do they dress and act and speak? How do they groom themselves?

14. Don’t fish in the sardine barrel.
Talk to people with money, people who are successful and well connected, more than you do to the desperate and despondent. Fish in a barrel of whales! If you go to groups of losers and wanna-be’s you’re not going to recruit leaders and producers.

15. Enthusiasm and Belief SELL.
The better you understand your business, the more confident and relaxed you will be, and the more people you will recruit. Act enthusiastic, push your chest out, push your shoulders back, lift your chin, put a smile on your dial, and walk like you just won a few million bucks, and, guess what? You will FEEL enthusiastic. Your mood will follow your posture and the tone of your voice and the speed at which you move. Yes, act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic.
People buy from enthusiastic, motivated, confident, secure, relaxed, happy, friendly, knowledgeable people.

16. Manage your self talk.
We talk to ourselves in our heads at a staggering rate of 600 words a minute. Now, unless you’re crazy, you can’t SAY one thing and at the same time THINK something else, right? So start to manage your state by speaking positive things, even softly, to yourself. Don’t worry, these days, people will assume you’re on your phone. (If you’re like me, you don’t care what they think anyway.) Try these: “I’m happy, healthy, and successful. I’m bulletproof. I am unstoppable. I love my buisness. I love the people I meet. I love helping people. Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better, richer and richer, healthier, happier, stronger, and more attractive! I believe it and I will achieve it! I m in the process of achieving my goals. I enjoy working hard. This isn’t work – this is FUN!” Use the present tense – tell yourself the truth in advance. Sow and REAP!

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com