I live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia – a rain forest. It is so majestic and fertile because it rains a lot in winter. And we Vancouverites are used to it. We own multiple umbrellas and life goes on. But if one was to equate opportunities to rain, why open the umbrella?

Why not get soaked with blessings from above? Why reject a charmed life? Well, past conditioning and bad experiences is one reason – once burnt, twice shy, and all that. So we look for reasons why an opportunity is a scam, won’t work, and so on. Another reason is that we don’t trust ourselves – we don’t believe in ourselves. It might work for others, we think, but it won’t work for little old me.

And that’s quite understandable, but very sad, nevertheless, because those of us offering the chance to step up and get blessed are not going to beg and plead; we have people to see and places to go. So what is the solution? I’ve got one for you.

In spite of all your bad past encounters, the money and time lost, and your weak self esteem, there is a way to succeed anyway. And it’s as easy as one, two, three.

ONE: Decide that if there were no barriers and you knew, without a doubt, that the opportunity was legitimate and would work for you, you would indeed work hard to make it happen. All you have to do is hitch your waggon to a star.

TWO: Understand that if you walk in the shoes of a champion and simply do exactly what they do, following their instructions to the letter and with full, unquestioning, and absolute commitment, blind faith, as it were, you will find yourself succeeding step by step. Actually, the first little successes will lead to better self esteem, more confidence and enthusiasm, and improved expectations.

THREE: Jump to it! Sign up! Commit yourself fully. “Tell me what to do. You have full permission to bludgeon me mercilessly with a hard bat if I Slacken or whine.” That kind of pledge, holding nothing back, umbrella folded and locked away in a steel case under your ex wife’s bed.

See, if you do what successful people do, follow your mentor unwaveringly, believe completely, and focus absolutely, it’s actually very hard to fail. Difficult NOT to succeed. When you put everything on the line, you WILL win. The blessings and wealth and self confidence will flow. Success will become a habit, and expectation, a regular thing.

This has worked for me in my life more than once, and I a, living proof that you don’t need all the facts and skills – you just need great support and leadership, and, most of all, a steely determination that you will, like Churchill, persist against all odds UNTIL you succeed. Choose a great opportunity and start TODAY.

Paul J. Meyer taught, “Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon, MUST INEVITABLY comes to pass.”

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com