Every salesperson of every ilk knows this feeling: “I have no-one else to see, to call, to contact – what now?” The good news is that you are not stuck. There is no shortage. What you have been doing is simply conforming to linear thinking. You’re approached everyone you know and asked everyone for referrals, and now you’re at a loose end. That means you’re ready to make money.

The way to think is to understand that everything you need, someone else already has. You might not own a kayak, for example, but someone else does. You can’t fix a broken pipe, but someone else can. So what do you do? You ask your friend to rent or lend to you his kayak. “What will it take to lend me your kayak for the weekend?” you ask. You pay someone or trade / barter with them to fix your broken pipe: “I will mow your lawn if you fix my pipe.”

Well, someone else knows and has regular contact with / communicates regularly with / has access to lots of people. What will it take for them to introduce you to their people / customers / friends? Have you asked? Did you take the trouble to find out what they wanted in return? Did you even broach the subject? Could you?? Of course you could, if you wanted those leads badly enough.

Think about what would happen if you approached the ten most successful, connected people you know, and asked them one or some of the following questions:

  • What will it take for you to include my little flyer in every bag to pack your customers’ products in today?
  • Would you interview me / my director on your radio station?
  • What do you need in return to have me speak for five minutes at your seminar?
  • What do I need to do for you to have you promote my business in your newsletter for five weeks?
  • How could I compensate you for introducing me to ten of the best people you know?
  • If I arranged a great business seminar with an excellent speaker for your business clients and I covered all the costs, would you invite them to attend at no cost? (At the end of the seminar, the Speaker would mention that your business sponsored the event and invite those attending to come back after the break for a quick ten minute overview of the business opportunity.)
  • If I promoted your business to everyone in my database, would you do the same for me?
  • If I looked after your trade show table, would you allow me to promote my business there as well?
  • How could you help me reach more prospects for my business, and what would you like me to do in return? (I’m not looking for a handout…)
  • If I could show you a way to monetize your database / connections, would you be interested in learning more?

I could go on all day. We don’t have money problems – we have thinking problems.

Robin Elliott