In Beverley Hills Cop 2, which I enjoyed watching today, Eddie Murphy refers to his imaginary daughters Monique and Unique, which had me creating a few more daughters for him and imagining them joining a business.

Monique is a moaner – she complains and whines and is never satisfied, focusing on what she doesn’t like and doesn’t want and what could go wrong. Fantasmagorical FAIL.

Unique is YOU nique – she’s a primadonna – she’s special. This one critiques everything. She wants to recreate the wheel, reinvent our marketing plan – and while she’s redoing everything, time is passing and enthusiasm is leaving. FAIL.

Plastique – (like “plastic” explosive) starts with a bang and wows everyone with big talk and a few quick wins, but it doesn’t last. She can’t walk her talk. You call her and she’s already joined another company “with better prospects.” Fast FAIL.

Boutique is all about the “show” – her business cards, dresses, posturing, and presentation. But she’s “Big Hat No Cattle” – all show and no go. FAIL.

Antique is a hasbeen. She tells everyone all about what she accomplished in the past, but she’s living in the past – washed up and obsolete. FAIL.

Mr. Murphy’s sixth imaginary daughter is Fantastique. She puts in the time, learns the plan, practices, doesn’t know how to quit, and fearlessly persists. She understands that success is a numbers game, and she is a team player. Fantastique earns fantastic results because she says less with more people, is focused, and leads by example. She supports her team and works hard.

Ring any bells?

Robin Elliott