The Sequoia tree, as you know, grows to 379 feet high and lives for up to 2,200 years. It is the largest and also among the oldest living things on Earth. The bark is up to a foot thick and the tree has both male and female parts. Why and how have these trees survived so well in nature?

An interesting fact is that in spite of growing over 350 feet high, the shallow root systems of sequoia are only around 12 feet deep, with no tap root. And the root system of a sequoia spreads up to 150 feet. The roots form a supportive latticework with the roots of the other trees, a reciprocal support system to support this tremendous growth, not unlike that of bamboo.

In business, most “entrepreneurs” conform to the description offered by Michael Gerber: “A technician with an entrepreneurial seizure” – merely self-employed salespeople – the tap root and not much else. Tap root goes on holiday or falls ill and everything goes to hell in a hand basket. Without the collaboration and reciprocal leverage of like-minded business associates, most small businesses are at risk and any success short lived. A precarious situation indeed.

So after teaching and using collaborative marketing and joint ventures based on leverage and reciprocation for twenty eight years, you can imagine that I seek out only the best opportunities and they are all leveraged, proven, low risk, and home based. And they are perfectly suited to our present worldwide economic situation.

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