We live in an ever-changing world; an ever more dangerous world in terms of quick, disastrous, unexpected change. I’m not just talking about the floods, earthquakes, sudden death or the diagnosis of a the critical illness of a loved one. I’m not talking about a sudden car accident or unexpectedly losing your job or a fire or even a robbery, rape, or murder. I’m not talking about religious persecution (which is coming for Christians everywhere.)

For these things, if you are even reasonably intelligent, you have insurance, back-up, a strong support group, a good church, food stored, go bags, contingency plans, a gun, a will, some money stored for those rainy days that are not announced on the weather channel. Even squirrels and ants prepare for the winter, and winter always follows summer. No, God, guts, guns, and groceries are just common sense. I’m talking about another disaster that is coming as sure as the next season is.

I’m talking about when – not if, but WHEN our fake economies start collapsing. When our puny paper money, our fiat currencies, start collapsing overnight. There won’t be a warning bell. Your bank manager or stock broker won’t be calling to warn you, because he will be in as much trouble as you are.
It will be many times worse than 2008.

Your insurance policies will be useless. Your food and bullets will run out. Your saved paper money will only be good for making a fire, since you won’t have gasoline or gas for your fireplace or range. Your friends and family won’t be able to help you since they will be in the same hole that you are in.

So what am I talking about? The one thing that will help you to not only to survive, but to thrive in the future is gold. I know some have invested in silver, and that’s better than nothing, but what would you rather have – silver or gold?

Take your depreciating paper dollars and convert them into appreciating gold before the crash. That is what smart people are doing all over the world.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com