Billions of years ago, the earth passed through an exploding star and was showered in molten gold. The Incas called gold “the sweat of the sun.” The Egyptians called it “the breath of God.” Most of the great religions celebrate gold. In all of the world, no other word still evokes such wealth and power. The Romans called gold “the muscles of war.”

Gold is the largest commodity market on planet earth. All the gold ever found, when melted down, is only enough to fill three Olympic swimming pools. It is a beautiful, scarce commodity that never deteriorates and grows in value over the years.

But today, most of the gold traded is on paper in the form of funds and futures, and many believe there is only one ounce of real gold for every hundred ounces traded on paper. While India, China, and Russia secure their financial futures by buying gold by the tonne, the great Western nations prefer gold remained in a museum. Robert Kiyosaki calls gold, “God’s money.” In fact, it is the only real money.

All fiat paper currencies eventually fail through hyperinflation, and because people are afraid, with good reason, of buying counterfeit gold bullion produced by the Chinese, the answer is to buy Karatbars gold.

Exchange your depreciating paper money for appreciating gold money.

Robin Elliott