Time is expensive – we need to be able to justify the time we invest in our business team members. Don’t deprive the good people of your valuable time by wasting it on the wrong ones.

I heard someone say they’re sick of B.S. Marketing and all the “claims followed by disclaimers.” I call that “back door commitments” – people who know they’re lying and are continually covering their backsides in advance – like saying, “I’ll do my best,” or “I’ll try.” They keep the back door open, being well aware of the sad string of failures that follow their wrong choices.

“She cried away her life since she fell out the cradle…” ~ Cream, BADGE. Whiners and victims and those who make excuses should be avoided at all costs, as well as those poor souls who major in minors, like the plane that crashed, killing 100 people, because the 20 cent light bulb that warned that the landing gear wasn’t working had failed. In fact, the landing gear was working perfectly, but the crew got so hung up about the warning light that they failed to notice the steep descent of the plane…

The world consists of only two kinds of people – takers and parasites, or givers and producers. The parasites won’t be allowed to darken my doorstep. When you notice that permanently extended begging hand, turn and run.

Some clues as to the kind of person who is applying to ride in your team are:

1. Their philosophy will often be reflected in their political choices: takers and victims will side with Obama in the US and the NDP in Canada.
2. Cheap – the losers will usually (but not always) buy in at the lowest possible level to hedge their bets, because they don’t believe in themselves.
3. Look at their friends and the people they spend time with – that’s a clear reflection of who they are.
4. Search out people who share your values. Choices always reflect values.
5. Finally, look for people with big goals, big dreams, and a strong purpose.

I am so grateful that the team I joined in Karatbars shares my values, and I am building a team of truly great people who share my values and drive.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com