Heard about the man who wanted to help someone? He heard about all the poor people in the world, so he started giving them his money, but there were always more requests, and eventually he had no money left. Then he heard about someone who wanted a kidney, so he donated his one kidney. Then he donated the cornea of his left eye, then his right eye.

Now poverty stricken, blind, and with only one kidney, he felt he had helped some people. But there were many more people who needed kidneys and hearts and blood, so he asked the doctor to please kill him so that others could have the rest of his body parts. The doctor refused, so he signed a donor card and committed suicide.

Then there was the man who heard on the radio that a flood was coming, and that he should evacuate the area, so he prayed that God would save him from the flood and carried on smoking his pipe. Then a policeman showed up at his door and suggested he leave before the flood came, but he refused. Then his cat was washed away. Then he was warned on the radio.

Eventually, he was sitting on the roof of his house while the flood waters swirled about him. A boat came by and offered to rescue him, but he refused. Later, a helicopter offered to save him, and again he refused.

He drowned, and when he got to heaven., he asked God, “Why didn’t you save me from the flood?” The Lord answered, “I warned you on the radio, you saw the water rising, I sent a policeman and then a boat and then a helicopter – your drowned yourself.”

Moral of the story, give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, and you’ll soon run out of fish, unless they start producing fish for themselves. Teach a man to fish… But what about those who refuse learn to fish? You cannot help everyone, but you can direct them to sources of assistance and teach them how to produce for themselves. You can have missionaries call on people, but it’s up to them to investigate the message and accept it.

Which brings me to the biggest problem facing people in the world today outside of spirituality – money. The problem is like a rising flood – it’s getting worse – fast. The answer to the coming disaster and to our daily needs is available now and I can show you how to break free financially today and survive – even thrive – when the economies eventually collapse.

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Robin Elliott