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Businesses rely on increasing their sales. One thing that we have to do is recruit business partners, joint venture partners, and salespeople. And the other thing is to SELL our products and services. When people are inundated will tens of thousands of offers every day, how can you make your offer IRRESISTIBLE?

1. Use Graphics and Video as much as possible
A picture is worth a thousand words, and people don’t like reading. That’s why infographics are so viral.

2. Make it Unusual
It should stand out and be noticeable – not something they see or hear every day.

3. Make it Appealing, Fun, Attractive
Add freebies, make it interesting, topical, and something they can talk about, brag about, think about.

4. Lower the Barrier
Make it ridiculously easy and cheap – better still, free – to try before they buy.

5. Remove the Risk and Assure them that “There is No Obligation to Buy Anything”
So they can have fun or learn something valuable or interesting at no cost.

6. Short And Sweet
All you want it the initial reaction – “Call this number” or “email us now” or “Click this Link.” (This is the Call to Action.)

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com