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Our darling six year old granddaughter in England (pictures here) is a real little character. She loves singing and dancing and drama. She was in a play in the West End last year, and the other day my son-in-law took her all the way from Northampton to London for an audition. When it was her turn, they asked her, “What would you like to sing for us?” To everyone’s amazement, she replied, “I don’t sing in front of strangers.”

Perhaps she won’t get a singing part, but, boy! If they’re looking for an actress, they can’t go wrong; she has all the intelligence, personality, strength of character, and attitude they could wish for.

When hiring people, resumes, experience, skills, and qualifications should be secondary considerations to values and attitude. Anyone can learn a skill, study, learn by rote, and get experience, but great people of integrity, humility, and drive are hard to find. Colleges and universities don’t sell attitude, self motivation, decency, self discipline, or honesty.

You may have the skill to do a job, but will you put everything you’ve got into your job, or will you be a clock watcher? You may have a great resume, but will get along with your co-workers and be honest? Will you go the extra mile and be committed and responsible?

I spoke to a young person last week who was wearing a ring like the one pictured here. The CTR initials stand for “Choose The Right.” That simple gold tells me more about an applicant than a thousand resumes, certificates, and degrees – think about it.

Ask the right questions when recruiting people in order to recruit the right people and then retain them. More information here

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