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Why is it important to understand where we’re headed? Well, wouldn’t you like to be well prepared for a trip to a land unknown, full of threats and dangers, and, indeed, opportunities?

George Orwell’s wonderful book, “1984,” is full of prophetic statements. Deforestation, the treatment of dissidents in mental hospitals, the end of decency, the breakdown of the nuclear family, the distribution of habit forming drugs, the degeneration of language, the waging of wars of the fringes of the big empires, government surveillance and eavesdropping of and on the populace, government controlled media and brainwashing, the national lottery, the concept of “Newspeak,” the reshaping of language in order to make truth inaccessible.

In 1984, traditional values like integrity, honesty, straightforwardness, and character are portrayed by Big Brother (government) as wishful fantasies. America today boasts 25% of the world’s prison population. Traditional values are being overturned and distorted in order to break up the family unit – divide and rule – and to weaken the strongest bonds known to man – those of family. And the freedom once afforded by money? The American dollar is headed for a crash and it’s dragging the rest rest of the world down with it.

If this sounds pessimistic, take a good, hard, objective look around you. At the perverted sexual roles, the government control of the media, NSA surveillance, the overturning of tradition. Those who made the world great are being systematically replaced by those who are incapable of democracy and civilized leadership. “Political Correctness” is the order of the day. Our children are being drugged in state schools.

There is a saying, “The Golden Rule is that he who holds the gold makes the rules.” And he who holds the guns makes the rules. God, the nuclear family, our financial independence, and gun ownership by decent people who have the right to protect themselves from the gangs and deviants is being systematically destroyed by Big Brother.

One part of the solution is to hold gold. This is something that the average person, even someone with very little money, can do so quite easily. The other parts include building residual incomes  streams – I would be happy to spend some time showing you what I have to offer in that area – and your family and your church. Remember the frog in the boiling water? The water is getting hotter faster. Remember the ant and the grasshopper? The fall is upon us. The Chinese have a saying, “Dig the well before you thirst.” Get digging – you’ll be glad you did.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com