Talking with my Palestinian limo driver on the drive in from the airport to Edmonton, I learned more about Palestine and Lebanon than I would have from the lying, political lapdog Western media. Chatting with my Iranian friends, I get some understanding of what is really going on there. And after training tens of thousands of small business owners over 27 years, I understand the way they work and the problems they face.

But don’t ask me about manufacturing businesses, cars, hockey, construction, Britain, (I have only been there 12 times), Iceland, Japan, Russia. I can’t fix things or build things and I hate accounting and administrative work. Don’t ask me about things I know nothing about, or tolerate me arguing about them.

When you’re new in business (less than five years), you still know very little about business. I’ve lived in Canada for seventeen years, and I still consider myself a “dumb immigrant” who is still learning about this wonderful country of which I am so privileged and proud to hold citizenship.

If I want to know about Buddhists or Brethren, Moonies or Muslims, I will certainly avoid the opinions and propaganda of any other religion – Ask a Jew and Judaism and a Mormon about Mormonism. That is what mature, intelligent people do. Believing what you see on CNN is like asking Obama what it’s like to run a business or have a real job.

And this brings me to the morons that argue with me because they think they know what is going on in South Africa, never having been there. I lived there for 45 years, and I also lived and /or travelled in and to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Swaziland, Lesotho, Kenya, Botswana, and Mozambique. I was in the South African Army at the age of 17 and in combat at the age of 18, fighting Russian trained Cubans and terrorists. I raised a family and a step family there. I studied, ran hotels and restaurants and started and ran a successful business there for ten years.

If you’re thinking of a nice little South African holiday, make sure you have a bullet proofed car to drive in (but you will have to get out of it at some stage.) And talk with people who lived there and left, and not those white South Africans who have become so politically correct and cowed by the fear of being labelled “racist” that they forget why they left; in fact, we are refugees. And please don’t believe what your travel agent tells you. She is simply selling you something, as is the media.

Here are some proven and provable facts about how things work in South Africa, without the pictures.

Most of the infrastructure (water, roads, electrical, government buildings, bridges, etc.,) hasn’t been maintained since Mandela took over in 1994. So rolling blackouts and water shortages in major cities, potholed roads, building collapses, and so on are quite regular. None of the multimillion dollar submarines ever submerge because the countries that were asked to train the new crews (the whites were all summarily fired because they were white) considered them “untrainable.”

Traditional Venda chiefs have given South African Broadcasting Corporation acting chief operations officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng a wife, a cow, and a calf, the Sowetan reported on Friday.

Imagine that happening at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

And in a well known supermarket chain, you can win a sheep – a LIVE sheep that is tied up and lying, bleating in terror, on a tarpaulin in the middle of the large supermarket.

Imagine that happening at a Safeway near you.

One white Gauteng man poses victoriously outside a house he owns. In order to get squatters, drug addicts, and prostitutes out of his house, he paid to have contractors rip out the windows and and doors, and then remove the entire roof. He effectively gutted his own property. But he owns the house and land and he cleared out the squatters.

Imagine that happening in a neighbourhood where you live in Canada.

In South Africa, there are fifty murders a day, and South Africa proudly holds the record as the world’s “Rape Capital.” Oh, and they’ve tortured and then murdered around 7,000 white farmers since Mandela took over the government. Cows are routinely slaughtered outside apartment blocks.

Imagine that happening in your neighbourhood. You see, things are not always what you have been told by your pot smoking, leftist, hippy friends or the liberal media.

Before buying a business, getting into a business, joining some group, stating an opinion, or trying to put furniture together that you bought at Ikea, please make sure your perceptions, perspective, and expectations are somewhat aligned with reality.

Robin Elliott