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Today’s world lends itself perfectly to something that has been used by smart entrepreneurs and big business for centuries: it’s the single malt of marketing. And you can use it, too.

In this fast changing, connected world, where the need for relationships and risk aversion are at a high, the old, linear marketing model is collapsing as fast as a California cliff during torrential rains. Blind faith in the blind leading the blind from the frying pan into the fire simply isn’t as acceptable as it was during the good old days before 2008; now, we want checks and balances and a decent ROI before we scribble those checks. We’re not as gullible and naive as we perhaps once were. We’re tired of buying lame horses.

The gears on my bicycle give me leverage. Cranes use leverage in the building of skyscrapers, and big business (and banks) use leverage to pay for those skyscrapers. When you start using leverage and reciprocity in business, you’re flying first class. Collaborating with like minded business owners who are targeting the same demographic with different products and services is streets above gambling on risky advertising and passing out business cards until you’re ready to pass out.

Inclusive, cooperative relationships with other business owners and centres of influence allow us to access resources without leasing, buying, or renting them. Commissions help us to pay for results instead of the promises of smooth talking used car salesmen posing as coaches and consultants and the adders that try to sell us magical advertising solutions. One of my many “no money, no risk” approaches works as follows:

I receive a phone call from a self-styled internet marketing genius who promises me amazing sales should I send him some of my hard-earned shekels. Here’s my response to this self-proclaimed visionary:

“If you’re as good as you say you are, allow me to pay you a lot more money than you would like to charge me for your service. Advertise my recruiting program and offer a complimentary, no-obligation interview with me. Provide your own contact information, not mine, and don’t mention my name in your advertisement.

“When you receive the truckload of responses you’re expecting, send them to me. For every one that becomes a client of mine, I will pay you an ongoing percentage as a commission. You have the names of these people, so you can check whether or not they are, in fact, using my services, so you can track results and control the leads. These commissions will be a lot more than you want me to pay you as a fee, so, if you’re accurate in your projections, you will make more money. That’s my counter offer.”

Naturally, I never heard from him again. He scurried off into a dark corner somewhere.

Cross promotion, piggybacking, and joint ventures can all revolutionize the way you think about marketing, limitations, opportunities, and potential. Suddenly, you see ways to create additional flows of 100% pure, fresh-baked, steaming hot profit direct to your eager bottom line in the form of steady commissions. And you realize the importance of putting manageable systems in place to support and maintain these collaborative efforts. 

As your marketing approach evolves, you enjoy a new freedom. Once you’ve driven a race car, it’s hard to get back into the old jalopy with the smooth tires, and in this analogy, the race car doesn’t cost you a blue cent. It’s single malt at no cost except commissions, and there are many creative ways to compensate and reciprocate. Use the wonderful technology available to us. Think like Uber and Microsoft and Costco and American Express and Google. 

To discuss the possibilities for your own business, particularly regarding sales and recruiting, contact me. No obligation on either side, just a friendly chat.

Robin Elliott