She was a motivated, ambitious, smart supermarket cashier and shelf packer who had been promoted to manager two weeks before my meeting with her. She had responded to a flyer my sales reps were distributing to recruit more salespeople. After our meeting, she quit the job she had worked hard for two years to get and worked on a commission only basis for me. I made $30,000 by recruiting her.

What made her resign her “safe,” sought-after job and become a big producer in a business I ran out of my house? Well, I helped her clarify her objectives. Life is too short to be in jobs we don’t absolutely love. Here was an opportunity to unite profit and purpose, to earn more in a month than she could earn in a year in her “job.” (J.O.B. = Just Over Broke.) She seized the chance to make a positive impact on many people. After all, what does it mean to be truly successful?  With me, she could work on her own terms, in accordance with her own values and priorities.

Another person I recruited was Barrie Pretorius. We went to high school together and he dropped at the beginning of grade ten. Then he got into drugs, and when I met him many years later he was living on a drug rehab farm with another ex junkie and her two kids. He asked me for a job, and I said I wouldn’t insult him by offering him a job, however if he could scrape together $500 and travel to another city and back ever day for five days, he’d have a sales kit and get the full training required to work as a commission only salesperson. He said he had no money, no phone, no decent clothes, and no car but that he would make it happen anyway.

Barrie borrowed and used public phones and hitchhiked his way to astounding success as one of my sales team. I have never seen potential unleashed like that. He made us both a lot of money for six months, and then, sadly, he started drinking and drugging again and that was that. But he showed me that, with the right attitude, anything is possible, and that is is a lot of undiscovered human potential out there, just waited to me recruited – mined like gold.

I could relate more about the amazing potential that lies in recruiting good people, and how vitally important it is to any business, but I think you get my meaning. There are many good people out there who wish they could they could find an affordable, proven, safe way to transition out of their brain dulling jobs into financial and spiritual freedom. I did that in 1987, and I am eternally grateful to George Choriatopoulos for recruiting me. Thank you, George. I believe that we who own the right businesses and business opportunities owe to it them to offer them the opportunity to break the bonds on boredom and serfdom, as long as we are committed to mentor and guide them.

In Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace study, 70 percent of those who participated described themselves as “disengaged” from their work. I have heard of much higher percentages than that. The fields are, indeed, “ripe unto harvest.” And there and seniors and ex military people out there who experienced, disciplined, committed, and motivated to work hard to achieve success, as long as they are offered the opportunity. I believe I have a responsibility to share solid opportunities with as many of those good people as I can.

If you would like to become a top recruiter or have me teach your managers and leaders to do so, check out this information.

Robin Elliott