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Perhaps you have been doing some things based on irrational and detrimental beliefs that got you to where you are today. Maybe things happened to you that were beyond your control. No matter, you are now where you are, and you can whine and sob about it all day long or quit. Or decide to bounce back like a champion. Naturally, we all want to bounce back like champions; the question is, where do we start?

Let me offer you a sturdy stepladder out of the stinky poo. It has FOUR LOGICAL STEPS:

Bottom Step:
Find a good mentor who is experienced, has already achieved success, has a verifiable track record and real experience – not one who paid to be “certified.” A good mentor can see options and solutions you may be missing. NOTE: Make sure, in advance, that you can implement his ideas with little or no cost or risk.

Step Two:
Decide exactly what it is that you need to get out of the dwang and back on track. Be very specific. As you know, everything you need to solve your problems is available through someone else – someone else has what you need: referrals, recruits, equipment, space, skills, reputation, connections, salespeople, employees, vehicles, memberships, a database…

Step Three:
Identify the individuals who have what you want: those who own or have access to the resources you need to rectify your situation. It is very important, of course, to think about how you can get access to these people – referrals to them are much better, naturally, than cold calls. All you want to do is ask them one very important question.

Top – Step Four:
The question you want to ask them is, What Will It Take for them to share that vital resource with you, give you access to it, introduce you – whatever it is that you need. But please understand that you have to assure them that you’re not looking for free stuff, a handout, or alms – you want to EARN the access you request: hence “What will it take?”

Robin Elliott