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Sales teams perform cyclically – ups and downs – based, in large part, on external factors. And depending on repackaging old, outdated techniques or new product information to initiate a new, short-lived spurt in sales is very limited indeed.

Good salespeople, unless they find their environment stimulating and interesting, soon move on to greener pastures. After all, your competition is always ready to raid your ranks, offering your best producers more and enticing incentives, bait, and shiny things. Never doubt that your good salespeople keep their eyes open for new adventures and that the non-producers are looking for new ways to hide, blame, and escape consequences.

Less than one percent of small businesses understand and use the magical power of leverage and collaboration in their sales processes. Not only does this sophisticated, yet simple and safe way of thinking and working radically increase sales, it also lowers risk, cuts down on wasted time, increases closing ratios and customer loyalty, boosts transaction values and makes salespeople, and therefor their employers, exceedingly happy.

Because, when using leverage and collaboration, suddenly those limitations and old excuses are no longer relevant, and the competition chokes in your dust. “Adapt or Die” isn’t some sales gimmick thought up by a guru – it’s a natural fact of life. And while business changes, the one thing that doesn’t change is human nature. By taking advantage of the simple principles of reciprocity and basic human needs, salespeople can boost their sales and commissions, customer retention and the amount of qualified referrals they receive exponentially.

The same principles and results apply to recruiting. Recruiting, after all, is just selling – no big differences.

A happy army eats well, has good equipment, cutting edge weaponry and ordnance, and great intelligence. Most of all, it needs strong leadership. And honestly, most sales managers cost a lot more than they’re worth. If they were really that good, they would own their own businesses; think about it.

Instead of a full-times sales manager who doles out old information with new wrapping and ribbons, hire the best outside contractor for a lot less and with no contract. And if you don’t like him, just replace him. No “three warnings,” no politics, no massive fees to personnel agencies, no three month trial: just start now, produce, or get out and get replaced.

I have specialized in the use of Joint Ventures, Collaboration, Leverage, and Reciprocation for 27 years. I coach small business owners around the world to use these systems to boosts sales and profits. The best use of this information is through sales teams. I do sales team training in person or via webinar, Skype, Google Hangout, or telephone.

Stop paying people to frustrate you; you’re not a social worker. It’s all about the bottom line. But talk is cheap – see some of my testimonials.

Contact me and let’s chat about your sales team.

Robin Elliott has trained thousands of small business owners and sales teams around the world since 1987. He has won eleven international sales awards (from Success Motivation Institute), run his own sales team of 18 salespeople, trained Million Dollar Round Table insurance salespeople, and has been selling all his life, from furniture, paper and oil to life insurance, self development programs and real estate. He has run his own business for ten years in South Africa and seventeen years in Canada. He have qualifications and training in DiSC personality assessments (Thomas International), Military Intelligence, BA Theology, Psychology (University of South Africa), Sales Management (Dale Carnegie), Hotel Management (SA Hotel School), Transactional Analysis (Holiday Inn University), Neuro Linguistic Programming, and more. He is up to date on the latest information available. He has written 15 books. More information about him at