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As a business coach and services broker (the second of which accounts for 90% of my income), I am extremely selective whom I coach and whom I do business with. I have a simple, yet effective system that “cleans out” the wrong people from those to whom I market my enticing offers and coaching.

ImageNot being afraid to say what I think and not being politically correct allows me to write articles, share the articles of others, and promote information that will will offend and chase off those who don’t fit my ideal market. Filters. I simply say what I think about important social and economic matters here and around the world, and in that way the dross will unsubscribe, disconnect, unfollow, block me, unfriend me, and generally get out of Dodge, leaving the gold behind. Do you like that “panning for gold” analogy?

So while I only follow 28 people on Twitter, I have 950 people following me. The 4,285 people currently connected with me on LinkedIn and those on Facebook and Google Plus, my Blog, and reading my three newsletters are there, I assume, because they either never read what I post, or are OK with what I say. In many cases, we can “agree to disagree,” and that’s fine, too. I just don’t want to deal with collectivists, statists, socialists, Obama followers, race card players, parrots, lazy people, or parasites.

When you read my stuff, you know exactly whom you’re dealing with. Ask these people. What you see is what you get with me. When I read YOUR stuff, I, too, know whom I’m dealing with, and that will help me decide whether or not I will do business with you. Mission accomplished!