The Eagles’ “There’s a New Kid in Town” – I love that song. Funny thing, I only recently really listened carefully to the lyrics. Singing along doesn’t always mean we understand the import of the lyrics. And yet we’re dealing with poets – go figure. How do these lyrics relate to the world we live in today?

We know that Wayne Gretzky told us to skate to where the puck is GOING to be, and that’s what smart strategic planners do today. Especially if you’re in business. For example, if we finally get past the CONMANder in Chief and we Canadians get the Keystone Pipeline down into the US, I sincerely hope we spend those US dollars on real assets before the dollars are utterly worthless. That’s what China is doing: buying gold and real assets with their US$ and arranging Yuan deals with Russia and the other BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) countries. They just signed a 30 year oil deal with Russia.

Yup, China is the New Kid in Town. France handed over to England, England handed over to the US in 1945, and now China is taking over. This video below explains it clearly. China is stockpiling gold for a good reason.

So how does this affect your business? Are you spreading your risks, spreading your income, diversifying your assets, rethinking the concept of debt as it pertains to the very real threat of hyperinflation? Are you rethinking how many people you want to hire with the looming threat of a fast growing minimum (Washington State applying for $30 per hour as I write) wage and unprecedented rights for employees at the cost of employers in an increasingly collectivist western world? Are you considering brokering deals instead of carrying inventory, as I have done for the past 26 years? Divesting yourself of costly overhead?

Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes: “In a world of locked doors, the man with the key is the king.” And he’s not talking about the bumbling, exposed American NSA.

Are you aligned with the way the world is changing? Skating to where the puck will be? Making friends with the new kid in town? Understanding why Canada is so popular and doing so well under our excellent leadership? These days, only Americans still believe America is the centre of the universe – ask the owner Baidu, the Chinese Google. Why, do you think, De Beers has relocated back to Botswana? New businesses, new marketing styles, new owners, new bosses – get with the program – there are a lot of new kids in town.

Robin Elliott