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995108_226513477496546_355462232_nBy generously sharing video testimonials with business that you admire, you can receive video testimonials in return as well as a lot of valuable exposure.

A good example is this video testimonial that I did for my friend Jim Perkins, owner of FairTradeWorks in Vancouver. Every time the video shows on Global Television, a million people see my face, my website URL, and my business name. And many more see it on social media and hear is on the radio. A true win/win.

You can pull out your smart phone and do a short, 1.5 minute video testimonial with no cost or risk, and make sure you include your name and URL in the video. See how others have done this for me here and here. People will be eager to post your video on the websites, on their LinkedIn page, in the newsletter, on their social media, and in their Blogs and Vlogs.

Sow in order to reap; give to get.