Why South Africa is No Longer South Africa – a Logical Paradox


First, the Ship of Theseus is a Logical Paradox – a thought experiment that explores the point at which an object, when it loses part of itself, ceases to be that object. Since the government of South Africa changed in 1994 with the advent of Mandela, many things changed.

Well over a million Whites have fled the country to avoid being murdered (52 murders a day in South Africa since 1994), and raped (it is estimated that over 40% of South African women will be raped in their lifetime and that only 1 in 4 rapes are reported. It is also estimated that only 14% of perpetrators of rape are convicted in South Africa since 1994), and the population has swollen by at least 15 million Blacks to 55 million. The White population has shrunk to 5 million, a million of whom now live in squatter camp slums.

The country has changed so dramatically for the worse that it is almost unrecognizable in many ways for people who lived there most of their lives. Here are some scary facts. 

Secondly, the Sorites Paradox is derived from the Greek word soros (“heap”). The puzzle explores at which point a small number of things become an actual pile and vice versa. E.g., How many grains can you take away from a pile of 100 grains of wheat before it ceases to be considered a “pile”?

Since South Africa is made up of many parts – for example, the population, the government, the civil and economic structures, buildings, the defense force, the culture, the country’s reputation, its laws and legal structure (that is how it works in practice, not in theory), the argument can be made that the “pile” of things as they were has all but disappeared, to be replaced by a very different (smelly) pile.

Rhodesia, once Southern Rhodesia, had its name changed to Zimbabwe by Mugabe. At one stage, the name, Azania, was favoured by Blacks in South Africa. I suggest they reconsider it.

Rhodesia was a civilized, safe, wonderful country where people got along and respect and decency and kindness were evident everywhere. Zimbabwe is a cesspit of Black failure, just like the rest of the African countries that kicked the Whites out and murdered them at will while the rest of the world, Canada included, turned a blind eye. The same is now true of South Africa, where White genocide is ramping up by the hour.

Robin Elliott


What Shapes Your Aspirations, Beliefs, and Limitations?


What we believe and conceive, promised Napoleon Hill, we will certainly achieve. Our perceptions are a choice – the stories we tell ourselves about our circumstances, challenges, and opportunities.  But what shapes or determines our beliefs, aspirations, perceptions, and interpretations of life? What molds our philosophy?

Do our thoughts and feelings randomly and magically appear in our heads? I think not. The way we think is programmed – directed, sculpted, controlled – like a computer. Who is or are the programmers?

Your aspirations and limitations are shaped, programmed, and set primarily and principally by the people you choose to associate with most closely; there is no doubt about it. And it certainly is a choice. Many of the people influencing and forging our perceptions and thoughts are television producers and musicians, too, and they have clearly defined political objectives. They are paid by government and others to brainwash viewers with their subtle propaganda.

The authors of the books we read are, in fact, sharing their thoughts with us, too; when we read the words they pen, we are actually thinking their very thoughts at the time of their writing!

If you decide that you would like to be happy, healthy, free, at peace, and successful, therefore, it is imperative that you choose the people you are going to spend most of your time with and the media programming you will absorb very, very carefully.

I recently spent a pleasant afternoon talking with a most successful and intelligent eighty-five-year-old gentleman. He was openminded and objective.

You see, when you’re confident, secure, successful, and at ease with yourself, you’re not likely to be easily threatened or thrown by new insights, fresh information, or data that may run contrary to what you presently believe to be true; you will simply evaluate it, consider the source, and investigate it, no matter how old you are. After all, you can be stuck in your mental rut whether you’re twenty years old or eighty-five. You can be green and growing or ripe and rotten.

This fellow had not yet read two important books I mentioned and recommended to him –  one by Ayn Rand and one by Eric Hoffer – and I will give him copies in the near future. He is presently halfway through an eight hundred page book, so I know he’s not easily intimidated by weighty tomes.

Perhaps, when you evaluate your life, you will wish to reconsider those with whom you keep company and the media and books you allow to program your precious mental software. As an aside, did you know that one in five Canadians regularly smoke cannabis? That should, if you are aware of the mental repercussions of this habit or addiction, reduce your social options by 20% going in.

In fact, as you develop, the pool of people who qualify for your time and attention will shrink in direct proportion. Don’t despair: the great authors are always waiting in the wings to share their life-changing insights with you.

Our Cultural Marxist Canadian media – malware for the healthy brain – should be another victim of your smart choices.

Robin Elliott

The Wind Cannot Read


“Though on the sign it is written: ‘Don’t pluck these blossoms’ – it is useless against the wind, which cannot read.” ~ Japanese Poem.

I lived and traveled in Africa for 44 years. I have lived and traveled in Canada for 21 years. I have traveled internationally and learnt one thing: Civilized rules and laws are meant for civilized people, people of intelligence, breeding, and class, people who care about others and society – law-abiding, productive, decent people.

Animals can’t read, so they should be forgiven if they unknowingly trespass or eat food that isn’t meant for them.

But savages are culturally blind; they don’t understand, don’t care, and don’t fear consequences from those who are politically correct, frail, weak, and afraid of being called racist. They laugh at those who have been brainwashed to think the savages are their equals, who embrace and interbreed with them, who work hard to support these parasites when they refuse to work. Europe has sown to the wind and is already reaping the whirlwind in this regard.

Read the Country of the Blind.

Low IQ, common people stand under the No Smoking signs in front of government hospitals, smoking, and nobody says a damn thing. Like the savages, they can read the signs; they just ignore them.

I have learnt in my life that bad people need to be treated in a way that they can understand.  Treating a savage who is used to beating his wife, killing and burning his opponents easily, looting and destroying like a concert pianist who is on his way to the library is simply ridiculous. Bullies and those who would kill, destroy, and rob should be dealt with differently to industrious, deferential, dutiful citizens of Canada.

Some suggest harsh, unforgiving consequences should be the same for all, since good people have no fear of suffering them, however the danger exists that if we should lean even a fraction of a degree toward the corrupt American legal system, everyone would be at risk. And if our Cultural Marxist government continues to protect these savages, many of who are illegals, decent citizens will simply have even more to fear.

The solution is to stop the government dysgenics program, stop importing them and allowing them into our country, and hope they breed more slowly than at their usual prolific r-selection rate.

Robin Elliott

Standing on a Whale, Fishing for Minnows?


There is a Polynesian saying, “standing on a whale, fishing for minnows.”

These days, people are fighting and searching for the truth, for reality and purpose, and unfortunately, most succumb to the brainwashing and propaganda of the New World Order and Cultural Marxism that fosters dysgenics* by teaching materialism, atheism (yes, I have been an atheist), and that all people are somehow, miraculously, and equally absurdly to any mature, intelligent adult, the same and equal in every way.

Joseph Campbell writes in one of his mind-expanding books, “There’s a story about Eisenhower. It was in his time that we began to realize what an important thing the computer was. He’s said to have gone into a room full of computers and put the question, ‘Is there a God?’ 

“The computers worked around and lights flashed and wheels turned and all that kind of thing. Finally, a voice came out and said, ‘Now there is.‘”

In my mind, there is no question that there is a God. 5,000 years before Christ, the Indians knew there was one. Most Western people don’t know that India enjoyed a thousand years of peace, in which the population focused on spiritual growth. No other country has ever done that. And only the Hindus believe that all religions worship the same God; they just give Him different names.

That is why the Polynesian saying is so appropriate; God’s children, who have direct access to him, are searching for a god. But religions have so distorted and perverted man’s understanding of God to suit their own selfish financial and political goals, so confusing are the historical contexts, models, temporal inflections, and metaphors of their religious books, that they seem out of date, inappropriate, irrelevant to the world we live in today.

Many religions use the fear of punishment and the promise of reward to manipulate and scare people to abide by their rules and laws and make their leaders indispensable intermediaries between the common man and God, and this, in today’s world, is increasingly revealing itself as pure exploitation and legalism, which is exactly what it is.

Man can fall on his knees at any time he chooses and acknowledge God and begin to learn about Him and the way in which he should live in order to be to be happy, fulfilled, joyful, and successful from any spiritual source or combination of sources he chooses. But falling for the immoral, debased Cultural Marxist propaganda of today is self-destructive.

If you want to know what behavioural, spiritual model works, which peoples are the most intelligent, and whom to learn from, open your eyes.

Look around the world at the racial groups, religions, countries, belief systems, philosophies, and spiritual beliefs with an open, objective, fearless mind, as would a traveler from space, and decide for yourself what makes sense, what works, what gets the best results, and whom to associate with and learn from. That is maturity; that is the mark of the true searcher. And if you seek, you will find that for which you earnestly seek. God is faithful.

A pumpkin that grows in a jar cannot possibly exceed the size of the jar, just like a fish in a small bowl. Many very religious (as opposed to spiritual) people are big fish in small, muddy ponds, and their arrogance is exceeded only by their ignorance, their passive aggression engendered by a sneaking suspicion that they’ve been conned. If your religion is based on the self-destructive philosophy of Altruism, you have very little to offer, since we can only teach what we know and understand.

I believe in can learn something from every religion and spiritual philosophy; to restrict my input means restricting my spiritual growth. I want to live optimally and aspire to my full potential, and with God’s loving guidance, I can.

Robin Elliott

*Dysgenics is the study of factors producing the accumulation and perpetuation of defective or disadvantageous genes and traits in offspring of a particular population or species. “Dysgenics” is the antonym of “eugenics”. If society subsidizes and interbreeds with low IQ, low achievement, high violence populations, in the end, such populations will dominate, and determine the human future — or lack of it.


“They Came Running!”

king kong 1_Part2

The car dealership needed to do more than balloons and hot-dogs to boost their year-end sales. Their targets and aspirations were high and they wanted to stand out from their competitors in the area. They asked us for a creative suggestion, and we recommended, amongst other things, King Kong. Here’s a picture of him on another building.

The owner reported after their promotion, “They came running!” Kids dragging their parents, King Kong grabbing the attention of passing motorists. People walking and driving right past his frustrated competitors. Large inflatables catch the imagination of people and attract them; their curiosity is peaked, and they want to know more. And they come.

Mediocre attempts to attract new customers seldom work, which make them expensive. If we keep on doing what we’ve always done… Big, bold, different, and exciting is what draws people. One experiment found that two inflatables instead of one had an exponential effect: 3.7 – 5 times the results.

Black and White Mouse

Someone said. “They’re not all dragging kids behind them.” Well, isn’t it true that we’re all kids deep inside? The curious inner child of even the most jaded adult seeks fun and novelty, escapism. Make your advertising fun, interesting, and different.

Robin Elliott AdXPerts.com

Smart Marketers Offer an Escape


I asked the twelve- and thirteen-year-olds in the Sunday School Class I teach, “Why do people take drugs?” One wisely answered, “To escape.” Paley writes, “On trains, I am held hostage, disconnected, suspended in time. It forces me to slow down. This is what I crave: Give me a long, slow ride and I am happy.”

After all, why would someone borrow a lot of money he could certainly have put to better use to endure two days of mind-numbing travel and airports, at least two days of jetlag, and a good chance of dysentery, to travel to some foreign, Third World beach for a week? Escapism. Denial of reality. Isn’t a week’s travel and “holiday” more stressful, expensive, and tiring than a good book, long walks in nature, and time to relax and reconnect?

But I digress. Escapism – through social media, alcohol, drugs, “holidays,” gambling, illicit sex, and moral abandon – is an increasingly sought-after commodity in today’s world. And we all know that the idea of that holiday, the planning, brochures, imaginings, expectation, and eager anticipation is usually surpasses the reality by leaps and bounds.

When I buy a book, my decision is initially and predominantly based on the cover – the advertising for the contents. So when I see a sad, dilapidated, weather-beaten, boring sign outside a business, I seldom get excited about the kind of service and products I can expect.

Smart marketers use quality signs that offer escapism through humour and interest, while at the same time advertising the solutions that their products and services offer. Contact AdXPerts for ideas, quotes, and a practical way to use signs, banners, inflatables, vehicle wraps, balloons, tents, trikes, and more to boost your business.


Robin Elliott AdXPerts

Four Excellent Marketing Opportunities that Most Business Owners Overlook

1. Sitting in your car in traffic? What do you look at? The cars/trucks around you and the cars next to you, the cars you follow and the cars you pass. Vehicles wrapped with eye-catching graphics are by far the most cost-effective type of advertising available. 98% of in-car audiences indicated they noticed truck-side ads.

Individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicle impressions. And it’s a very affordable, one-time investment to wrap your vehicles and the vehicles of willing employees (for a small monthly acknowledgment to them, of course.) Make your wraps interesting informative, provocative. Look at this: 


2. Do trains and cars and trucks containing potential customers pass the back or sides of your building? When riding in the train yesterday, I noticed umpteen blank business walls along the way. Tens of thousands of people ride by daily on the trains, and many look at those blank walls! Why not put great signs on those blank, boring, unutilized walls? Make a one-time investment in a sign that will continue to work to promote your business, like a diligent, silent salesman, 24/7 for years. In fact, one house actually has an advert for the Koran on its roof! I have seen this sign hundreds of times while passing on the train! Can you pay people to advertise your business on their roofs?

There is always copious advertising inside the train stations – why not alongside the track? And if your ad is clever, eye-catching, or funny, people may remember it and use it for directions! “Your stop is the one after the Cheap Vasectomies sign.”


3. Recently, a jazz band was advertised, playing in a local park here. I suggested that, since it was raining heavily, nobody would show up. My wife corrected me; she reasoned that, since the musicians were high school kids, many of the parents and relatives would show up and endure the weather to support the kids. Which brings me to Bouncy Castles and large, interesting inflatables. These things attract kids (and hence their parents, your potential customers) like flies to honey. Even those air dancers with their waving arms attract the attention of people who might never even have noticed your business before but drove right on past. Signs are informative, while inflatables are attractive. Daddy, LOOK! A giant monkey!”


4. Why not use other peoples’ events to advertise your business? We regularly deliver large tents with our customer’s logo emblazoned on the tops of the tents to events – our customer kindly lends people the tents to use at events, in exchange for massive visibility and branding. We are paid for the tents, and then to store and deliver, erect and take down.

20180420_095933 (2)

We do Trike Transporters, too. Great advertising opportunities on the sides and backs.


Contact us for more information and pricing. We deliver anywhere in North America.

Robin Elliott  AdXperts.com


Be Wise and Discerning – Not Gullible


In this excellent article, John MacArthur tells us why it is important to discern, to do our due diligence before making decisions or buying into lies and deceit:

“When Aben Johnson sold his Detroit-based television station in 1997, he began heavily investing in gemstones. While he had dabbled in diamonds since 1988, he now had the capital he needed to purchase the rarest stones money could buy. He spent three million dollars on a blue diamond called the Streeter Diamond that Sam Walton (the founder of Wal-Mart) had won in a poker game from a man named Streeter. Johnson spent $2.7 million for a collection of diamonds called the Russian Blues. Another seventeen million dollars was invested in the Sylvia Walton Collection—a set of diamonds that belonged to Sam Walton’s daughter. In all, Johnson invested some $83 million in the costly gems.

“But what Johnson didn’t realize was that these famous-named diamonds, which he thought were priceless, were actually almost worthless. In fact, they were not diamonds at all. The stones were actually cubic zirconia, blue topaz, citrine, and other inexpensive gems. To add insult to injury, Sam Walton never had a daughter named Sylvia. When Johnson found out that his Florida-based jeweler, Jack Hasson, had bilked him, he filed suit. A year later, in 1999, the FBI arrested Hasson for fraud. In 2000 he was convicted, sentenced to forty years in prison, and ordered to pay more than seventy-eight million dollars in restitution.

“Despite Johnson’s legal efforts, he will never be able to fully recover his $83 million. If only he had exercised a little discernment before parting with his millions. Some simple tests of the diamonds by a gemologist or appraiser could have saved Johnson a bundle of money and trouble.

“One test uses a thermal conductivity meter, another an ordinary microscope. Such tests for authenticity certainly seem worth the effort when millions of dollars are at stake.”

I have had many people asking for my advice about business opportunities and decisions through the years, and yet the vast majority of them ignored my judgment and advice; they already had their minds made up and were just hoping for agreement and endorsement.

Four simple pieces of advice I leave with you today:

  1. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.
  2. Always check the motive of the person pitching you.
  3. Observe patterns in choices and behaviour: leopards don’t change their spots.
  4. There’s a Japanese idiom, “To wear a cat on one’s head.” it means, when literally translated, “You’re hiding your claws and pretending to be a nice, harmless person.” Don’t be gullible or impatient; be prepared to say, “NO.”

Finally, and this was John MacArthur’s purpose in telling this story, rely on the Bible for the final word when it comes to guidance.

Robin Elliott.

Ants and Glazed Bricks


This article by David O. McKay is so interesting and compelling that I have copied a large portion of it below:

Keep learning. Where to discover your interest and how to amass relevant information are illustrated in the story of an obscure spinster woman who insisted that she never had a chance. She muttered these words to Dr. Louis Agassiz, distinguished naturalist, after one of his lectures in London. In response to her complaint, he replied: “Do you say, madam, you never had a chance? What do you do?”

“I am single and help my sister run a boardinghouse.”

“What do you do?” he asked.

“I skin potatoes and chop onions.”

He said, “Madam, where do you sit during these interesting but homely duties?”

“On the bottom step of the kitchen stairs.”

“Where do your feet rest?”

“On the glazed brick.”

“What is glazed brick?”

“I don’t know, sir.”

He said, “How long have you been sitting there?”

She said, “Fifteen years.”

“Madam, here is my personal card,” said Dr. Agassiz. “Would you kindly write me a letter concerning the nature of a glazed brick?”

She took him seriously. She went home and explored the dictionary and discovered that a brick was a piece of baked clay. That definition seemed too simple to send to Dr. Agassiz, so after the dishes were washed, she went to the library and in an encyclopedia read that a glazed brick is vitrified kaolin and hydrous aluminum silicate. She didn’t know what that meant, but she was curious and found out.

She took the word vitrified and read all she could find about it. Then she visited museums. She moved out of the basement of her life and into a new world on the wings of vitrified. And having started, she took the word hydrous, studied geology, and went back in her studies to the time when God started the world and laid the clay beds. One afternoon she went to a brickyard, where she found the history of more than 120 kinds of bricks and tiles, and why there have to be so many. Then she sat down and wrote thirty-six pages on the subject of glazed brick and tile.

Back came the letter from Dr. Agassiz: “Dear Madam, this is the best article I have ever seen on the subject. If you will kindly change the three words marked with asterisks, I will have it published and pay you for it.”

A short time later there came a letter that brought $250, and penciled on the bottom of this letter was this query: “What was under those bricks?” She had learned the value of time and answered with a single word: “Ants.” He wrote back and said, “Tell me about the ants.”

She began to study ants. She found there were between eighteen hundred and twenty-five hundred different kinds. There are ants so tiny you could put three head-to-head on a pin and have standing room left over for other ants; ants an inch long that march in solid armies half a mile wide, driving everything ahead of them; ants that are blind; ants that get wings on the afternoon of the day they die; ants that build anthills so tiny that you can cover one with a lady’s silver thimble; peasant ants that keep cows to milk, and then deliver the fresh milk to the apartment house of the aristocrat ants of the neighborhood.

After wide reading, much microscopic work, and deep study, the spinster sat down and wrote Dr. Agassiz 360 pages on the subject. He published the book and sent her the money, and she went to visit all the lands of her dreams on the proceeds of her work.

Now, as you hear this story, do you feel acutely that all of us are sitting with our feet on pieces of vitrified kaolin and hydrous aluminum silicate—with ants under them? Lord Chesterton answers: “There are no uninteresting things; there are only uninterested people.”

Keep learning.

Why keep learning? The answer is: Because our philosophy of education demands it, and our philosophy of life and eternity demands it.

Read the entire fascinating article here.

Robin Elliott

Illustration: Peasant Woman Peeling Potatoes by Vincent Van Gogh – 410 ~ Vincent van Gogh Gallery

Realize it’s 1984


From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is the Socialist ideology hidden behind the mask of gentle Christian philanthropy, while it is, in fact, the cancer of altruism wrapped in a festering scab of Marxism.

The middle class – the producing class – is being taxed to death in order to provide a luxurious lifestyle for the low IQ parasites who refuse to work, play the eternal victim, often citing mythical events that occurred decades, even centuries ago, and leeching off the hard workers, using guilt and the threat of the label of “racist” as their weapons.

The religionists work hand-in-hand with the Cultural Marxist political leaders. “It is your mind that they want you to surrender—all those who preach the creed of sacrifice, whatever their tags or their motives, whether they demand it for the sake of your soul or of your body, whether they promise you another life in heaven or a full stomach on this earth. Those who start by saying: ‘It is selfish to pursue your own wishes, you must sacrifice them to the wishes of others’—end up by saying: ‘It is selfish to uphold your convictions, you must sacrifice them to the convictions of others.”– Ayn Rand.

Those who use their minds and have the courage to stand up for their rights refuse to succumb to the overflowing sewer of Big Brother’s lies. Ayn Rand again: “Now there is one word—a single word—which can blast the morality of altruism out of existence and which it cannot withstand—the word: ‘Why?’ Why must man live for the sake of others? Why must he be a sacrificial animal? Why is that the good? There is no earthly reason for it—and, ladies and gentlemen, in the whole history of philosophy no earthly reason has ever been given.”

Canada’s CBC – Communist Broadcasting Corporation – spews out this sick collectivist propaganda day in and day out, 24/7, and far too many hard-working Canadians, 20% of whom are marijuana smokers – gently bend over and kindly allow themselves to be raped by the very government we elected.

Orwell’s 1984 is happening and it’s time to stand up and be counted.

Robin Elliott