Time Discounting Explains a Lot of Seemingly Irrational Behaviour

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She chooses to remain in a childless marriage with a morbidly obese, selfish, low IQ husband that she supports financially because of his inability to support her. Her future is laid out for her in black and white: the husband will suffer knee and hip problems, back problems, diabetes, and any number of other obesity-related physical problems. He will end up in a motorized wheelchair and become more demanding and moody than ever. She will be his “nurse with a purse” in an ever-declining situation, and she’ll be too guilty to leave him when and not if the situation arrives.


We see people remaining in declining personal relationships, shrinking markets, plummeting job situations, countries that are going to the dogs with no possible relief or improvement, covering their bodies with ridiculous, permanent tattoos, damaging their health with bad eating habits, and destroying their brain cells with pot and other drugs, and we can’t understand why they do it. Why do people remain in cults, even though they have a constant, nagging feeling deep in their guts that they’ve been conned?

The Sunk Cost Fallacy is one reason; “I have so much time, money and effort invested…” And “what will people think?” paralyzes many.

Time Discounting or time preference – see explanation below – is also known as instant gratification, weighing up the short-term benefits against the long-term benefits, sacrificing the quick buck, quick relief, feel-good-now for a longer term, probably more significant benefit at a future time. I believe maturity, strength of character, and intelligence have a lot to do with this choice as well, not to mention the fear of the unknown alternative.

In addition, we tend to weigh the pain of change against the pain of no change, and the greater pain tends to win out – IF we have low time preference. Outside intervention by trusted people who have influence over the individual may help.

Remember, our beliefs are based on the evidence we are exposed to and collect. We reduce Cognitive Dissonance – the feeling of mental stress and discomfort we experience when confronted with evidence contrary to that which we choose and with which we’re comfortable and well acquainted with, by denying that evidence. So we select only evidence that promotes our current choices and we filter out all evidence to the contrary.

And so, no matter how illogical the behaviour of brainwashed Cultural Marxists appears to us, for example – Black Lives Matter but White Lives Don’t, race and gender don’t exist, but white men are bad, IQ doesn’t exist in spite of overwhelming evidence, Anti-Islam is Racism, in spite of the fact that Islam is not confined to any race – people make weird choices and believe weird things for a reason.

From Wikipedia: “In economics, time preference (or time discountingdelay discountingtemporal discounting) is the current relative valuation placed on receiving a good at an earlier date compared with receiving it at a later date.

There is no absolute distinction that separates “high” and “low” time preference, only comparisons with others either individually or in aggregate. Someone with a high time preference is focused substantially on his well-being in the present and the immediate future relative to the average person, while someone with low time preference places more emphasis than average on their well-being in the further future.

Time preferences are captured mathematically in the discount function. The higher the time preference, the higher the discount placed on returns receivable or costs payable in the future.

The time preference that an individual exhibits at any given moment is determined solely by their personal preferences. [and choices.]”

Robin Elliott


Children are No Guarantee of Security


In an article about childless, unmarried Seniors Citizens, I read, “Marak and her single, childless contemporaries are facing a repercussion of their decision that never crossed their minds as 30-somethings: ‘How in the world will we take care of ourselves?’ she asks.” In the real world, the questions arising from her situation may be different.

The only thing guaranteed to childbearing/breeding couples is that they will have far less money left over when their children finally attain adulthood, or rather maturity, than their childless contemporaries. And in our Western, Caucasian society, the chances that you will either be estranged from your adult children or that they will refuse you any financial help in your Senior years when you most need it are increasing exponentially.

Far too many Boomers have raised a lot of spoilt, entitled, irresponsible children who feel it’s their right to take every last cent from their struggling parents while giving nothing in return. When they finally leave home, leaving their aging parents with nearly empty bank accounts after paying for university degrees that are seldom used and bailing their offspring out financially, buying them things they don’t need and can’t afford, their progeny’s primary objective seems to be to inherit what’s left.

“My kids will take care of me” is too often a comfortable delusion of security – a blue pill that leads to heartache and physical privation.

Smart Seniors are well aware of this, and they’re spending their hard-earned wealth on luxury cruises and helping animal shelters. Dogs, after all, are far more affordable, their loyalty is unquestionable, and they’re wonderful companions for life.

You can hire professional caregivers if you have the money, and childless couples who have saved and invested have enough to ensure good care for themselves in Seniors Residences or excellent home care; every need you could have as a Senior is available – at a price.

I talked with Sonya, who sold her Vancouver home where all her friends were and where she could go for a swim in the ocean any time she pleased, to move into an apartment in Coquitlam because her two adult kids and their children were living close by. Within a year, both children moved their families to the US. That was twenty years ago; now she relies on strangers for help.

And we all know of Seniors who gave their houses to their children and moved into the basements to allow their married children to live in the larger portion of their houses. Sooner than later, Mom was no longer any help as a babysitter and she needed help in her Senior years, and the grandkids, now pot-smoking teenagers, wanted the basement to live in.

My conclusion: If you have expectations and rely on others, you’re bound to be sadly disappointed. Especially if you’re a Boomer. Keep your money, be frugal, keep it out of the hands an control of your offspring and their spouses or live-in lovers. And if you’re childless, look around you: you may be thanking God that you are. Hug your dog; he won’t let you down.

And for those of you fortunate enough to have loving, caring, unselfish, generous adult/ mature children whose spouses don’t sabotage their help for you, thank God for His goodness.

Robin Elliott

Prison Humour from Orange is the New Black


In Orange is the New Black, we get an insight into the mindset of many of the inmates, including the nutters and the psychopaths. And the dark humour can be excellent.

In Season Six, Episode Five, Frieda (pictures above) watches as a dead body is wheeled out of her cell. When accused of killing her, she replies, “Are you crazy? I would never off a good cellie. She was good and quiet – especially after she died. The past three days have been heavenly.”

When Frieda sees Suzanne with a bundle of wooden shivs, she says, “These are deadly weapons. Not a toy.”
Suzanne objects, “Strongly disagree. These are fence posts for building a fort. Why else would the ends be sharpened?”
Frieda retorts, “Hello? To shove in someone’s ear and puncture their brain. Or to turn their eyeballs into shish kebabs. Or put a few holes in their windpipe. Now, trust me I’ve seen it done while I was doing it.”
Suzanne adds,Well, there is also the double shove up the nose to pull out the brain.”
Frieda agrees, “Exactly. Someone in here intends to hurt somebody, and I have a feeling that somebody is me.”

Suzanne commiserates, “I hope they don’t end up in the same cell as you. That would be suspenseful.”


Robin Elliott

The Angry Old Lady and the Savages


One of them had robbed her and pushed her over when she was 69. She was fortunate not to have broken her hip like her friend, Molly. Now 73, she could scarcely afford to live in this rundown part of town, and her meager pension just covered her expenses. The final straw was when one of them grabbed her handbag containing her pension last week. At first, she was depressed.

But one morning, she woke up and thought of all the hard times she and her late husband had endured and the obstacles they had overcome, and she decided that she had a simple choice: get sad or get mad.  She got get angry with these low IQ savages. After all, she had twice their intelligence and the wisdom and experience of 73 years. So she started thinking strategy, like an army general. Like her hero, Churchill. She remembered her pioneer ancestors.

She went to the library and got online. She researched and asked questions. She visited a gun shop, a knife shop, and military surplus store. She went to a karate dojo and asked the people about self-defense. She learned about cane fighting – self-defense using a walking stick or umbrella. She even used some of her scanty savings to buy a cane sword! She began to equip and prepare herself for battle.

She read that the Delta Forces motto was Violence of Action: the use of speed, strength, surprise, and aggression to achieve dominance over your startled enemy. She learnt that the vulnerable parts of the body were the neck, chest, large arteries, knees, eyes, and ears. Equipped with the fighting tools she bought and her renewed self-confidence, she was ready for battle!

The next time she went to the corner store, there they were, waiting, like the cockroach parasites they were; they trousers hanging halfway down their bums, chattering like baboons. Two of them.  Even though no rain was forecast, she carried her umbrella.  As they came up to her in their usual, threatening manner, demanding her money, she opened her umbrella. They couldn’t see that behind it, she had readied her hornet spray. Wasp spray can blast from ten to twenty feet. As she closed her umbrella, the ear-piercing shrill of her whistle and a full-face blast of wasp spray put them down where they stood.

Her defense continued for two weeks: one fool had lighter fluid sprayed on him and was set on fire when she flung a lighted match at him. Another had hot steaming milk thrown in his face from her thermos mug, while two had their knees damaged from strikes with her heavy cane. She carried a hammer, a pocket knife, and more weapons with her as well, always remembering her motto: Surprise, Speed, Violence. She used an air horn or a whistle to startle them, she was proactive and on the screaming attack, and she was fearless.

Soon, the bullies realized that she was a force to be reckoned with, and they preferred softer targets. But she was ever vigilant and realized that things were not about to improve as the socialist government continued to import the savage breeders and give them more rights and money than decent, civilized people. So she remembered that there is strength in numbers, and she started training and educating other Seniors. She taught them how to make Molotov Cocktails and to vary their weapons and forms of defense, and they started to move about in groups, instead of alone.

Finally, she connected with a biker gang – real men who felt the same way that she did about the savages and who were happy to defend the weak – and they slowly but surely built a safer community. The Seniors contributed in many ways to the bikers – from baked pies to hot soup and the wisdom of their years.

Remember, old lady, old man: You can get scared, or you can get mad. Mad is better. You’re not alone.

Robin Elliott

Three Points of View that Could Make One Reconsider Certain Choices


From “Varieties of Religious Experience, a Study in Humble Nature by William James, first published in 1902:

“Yet from the point of view of his nervous constitution, Fox (Founder of the Quakers) was a psychopath or detraque of the deepest dye. Bent as we are on studying religion’s existential conditions, we cannot possibly ignore these pathological aspects of the subject.”

From Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda, Steve Jobs’ favourite bedside book:

“The way of self-expression and individual acknowledgements results in egotists, sure of the right to their private interpretations of God and the universe. Truth humbly retires, no doubt, before such arrogant originality. Man can understand no eternal verity until he has freed himself from pretensions.”

From Louisa May Alcott, “Through the Mist,” Work: A Story of Experience, 1873:

“In all sincerity she began her search, and with pathetic patience waited for an answer. She read many books, some wise, some vague, some full of superstition, all unsatisfactory to one who wanted a living God. She went to many churches, studied many creeds, and watched their fruits as well as she could; but still remained unsatisfied… There was too much machinery, too many walls, laws, and penalties between the Father and his children.

“Too much fear, too little love… too little faith in the instincts of the soul which turns to God as flowers to the sun. Too much idle strife about names and creeds; too little knowledge of the natural religion which has no name but godliness, whose creed is boundless and benignant as the sunshine, whose faith is as the tender trust of little children in their mother’s love.”

Sometimes, a spotlight exposes that lucrative, hard-edged group you serve, blinkered and imprisoned as it may be by Galatianism, legalism, and the old carrot-and-stick control systems, and one is encouraged to seek a higher route to the living God.

Robin Elliott

Why Things are Not Working: Three Revealing Arguments

  1. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada, Founder of the Society for Krishna Consciousness on the reason why the US government fails:

“You require brahmanas (learned and pious teachers and spiritual leaders), ksatriyas (military and administrators), vaisyas (farmers and merchants/business people), and sudras (laborers). Just as when you want to construct a building, you require engineers. You don’t want sweepers… So if you follow the division of varnasrama (the ancient Vedic system of arranging society into four socio-occupational divisions – varnas – and four spiritual divisions – asramas – to promote social, economic, and political well-being and the spiritual advancement of all members of society), only ksatriyas are allowed to govern.

“And for the legislative assembly – the senators – only qualified brahmanas. Now the butcher is in the legislative assembly. What does he know about making laws? He is a butcher, but by winning votes, he becomes a senator. At the present moment, by the principle of vox populi, a butcher goes to the legislature. So everything depends on training… There cannot be just one class. That is foolishness because we have to engage different classes of men in different activities.

“If we do not know the art, then we will fail because unless there is a division of work, there will be havoc. The different classes of society should cooperate exactly as the different parts of the body do. Although each part is meant for a different purpose, they all do the work for one cause: to maintain the body properly.”

    2. A Discourse by Mormon Elder G. A. Smith, Delivered in the Bowery, Great Salt Lake City, September 23, 1855: [The Church reversed this decision to disallow blacks from holding the Priesthood in 1976.]

“For the last hundred years, philanthropists, who were ignorant of the order of God—of the irrevocable decrees of the Almighty—have exerted themselves vigorously to thwart the purposes of the Almighty, in trying to remove the curse of servitude from the descendants of Canaan; but their endeavors are vain and useless; it is labor lost, and answers no end, only so far as it serves to multiply the difficulties and perplexities which are arising in this generation, to bring about the great destruction of corruption and wickedness from the earth; in this way it all indirectly serves a purpose.

“When God has decreed a certain way for men to be in servitude, and
has designed they shall hold that position, it is worse than useless for any man or set of men, to undertake to put them in a position to rule.

“The Lord conferred portions of the Priesthood upon certain races of men, and through promises made to their fathers they were entitled to the rights and blessings, and privileges of that Priesthood. Other races, in consequence of their corruptions, their murders, their wickedness, or the wickedness of their fathers, had the Priesthood taken from them, and the curse that was upon them was decreed should descend upon their posterity after them, it was decreed that they should not bear rule.

“In looking abroad on the earth and seeing the effects produced upon different races of men, it will be plainly discovered that there are races who have never been permitted to bear rule to any great extent.”

    3. Ayn Rand (Atheist):

“Egalitarianism means the belief in the equality of all men. If the word “equality” is to be taken in any serious or rational sense, the crusade for this belief is dated by about a century or more: the United States of America has made it an anachronism—by establishing a system based on the principle of individual rights. “Equality,” in a human context, is a political term: it means equality before the law, the equality of fundamental, inalienable rights which every man possesses by virtue of his birth as a human being, and which may not be infringed or abrogated by man-made institutions, such as titles of nobility or the division of men into castes established by law, with special privileges granted to some and denied to others. The rise of capitalism swept away all castes, including the institutions of aristocracy and of slavery or serfdom.

“But this is not the meaning that the altruists ascribe to the word “equality.”

“They turn the word into an anti-concept: they use it to mean, not political, but metaphysical equality—the equality of personal attributes and virtues, regardless of natural endowment or individual choice, performance and character. It is not man-made institutions, but nature, i.e., reality, that they propose to fight—by means of man-made institutions.

“Since nature does not endow all men with equal beauty or equal intelligence, and the faculty of volition leads men to make different choices, the egalitarians propose to abolish the “unfairness” of nature and of volition, and to establish universal equality in fact—in defiance of facts. Since the Law of Identity is impervious to human manipulation, it is the Law of Causality that they struggle to abrogate. Since personal attributes or virtues cannot be “redistributed,” they seek to deprive men of their consequences—of the rewards, the benefits, the achievements created by personal attributes and virtues. It is not equality before the law that they seek, but inequality: the establishment of an inverted social pyramid, with a new aristocracy on top—the aristocracy of non-value.”

By denying the obvious biological realities of race, genetics, IQ, and gender, the Cultural Marxists are trying to force their ridiculous belief on their sheeple through legislation, with the results we see today: failed governments and societies.

Robin Elliott

The War on Brains

If they’re too smart, they won’t vote for socialist Western Governments. We are all aware of the systematic dumbing down on the public by government “schools” – Re-education Centers –

In 1952, the young Queen Elizabeth visits Nairobi. Excerpt from her speech: “Little more than 50 years ago, Nairobi was a savage place, the home of wild animals, an uninhabited except for the occasional nomadic herdsman. Now, it is a modern, vibrant city, a striking tribute to the men and women of all races who have made it a great centre of commerce and finance.” The only civilized people in Nairobi were White. The delusional queen arrived in an airplane; they had not yet invented the wheel and they lived in mud huts. She was implying that they were suddenly civilized, and the same as Europeans.

A Mongolian woman and her daughter are set to be deported Monday, despite multiple attempts to stay in the country. They came to Canada in July of 2014 seeking asylum from her ex-husband who, she says, abused her and her daughter.

Demberel claimed refugee status but lost that case. She hired a lawyer to help with her case, however she lost both the appeal and the deferral court review due to lack of evidence. She also has not been allowed to speak at any of these hearings. Meantime, she works 3 jobs and volunteers at the Food Bank while her daughter finishes 12th grade at Western Canada High School.

In an email to Immigration Minister John McCallum, Demberel notes “we are so grateful to each day in Canada. I want to be a good citizen to pay back to the country saved us from hell we experienced back in Mongolia. We do believe in ourselves and we can assure we will be proud citizens of Canada if we will have one chance to stay and continue to live in this great country, which saved us and gave freedom for the last 2 years.”

Meanwhile, Trudeau is intent on bringing as many Syrian and Somali “refugees” into Canada as fast as he can. WHY? On a bell curve, the average IQ in Mongolia is 107. This goes for entire East Asia (China, Mongolia, South Korea North Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Taiwan). The average Jewish IQ is highest at around 115. The average Syrian IQ is 83. The average White IQ is 100. The average Sub-Saharan African IQ (yes, that includes the Somalian “refugees”) is 70. African Americans average 85. Hispanics average 88.

It’s the same reason why Obama has opened the US borders and “legalized” illegal migrants streaming into the US from the south. He was instituting Dysgenics.

In 1958 Mao Zedong ordered all the sparrows to be killed because they ate too much grain. This caused one of the worst environmental disasters in history. In 1958, Mao Zedong, the leader of the People’s Republic of China, decreed that all the sparrows in the country were to be killed. He decided that China could do without pests like sparrows. Mao thought that sparrows ate too much grain and it seemed rational to him for all sparrows to be killed.

According to Mao Zedong, sparrows were getting in the way of the economic development of the People’s Republic of China. During the next three years, 45 million people died in a famine caused by economic mismanagement, environmental disaster, and state terror.

Mao Zedong undertook several massive campaigns in an attempt to modernize and improve life in China. The Four Pests Campaign was one of these drives, part of the Great Leap Forward between 1958 and 1962. Killing all the sparrows was part of this campaign.

People were mobilized to eradicate the birds. They used beating drums to scare the birds from landing, forcing them to fly until they died of exhaustion. People tore down sparrow nests and shot sparrows down from the sky. The result of the campaign was to push the birds close to extinction in China.

There is no information on how many sparrows there were in China in 1958. But if there was one for each person, there would have been more than 600 million. Hundreds of millions were killed. This lead to a problem the next year. It was noticed that insect infestation of crop fields had soared. Sparrows ate pests such as locusts, and after the campaign, the locusts lost their major predator. This meant that killing the sparrows was counter-productive. The sparrows, it seemed, didn’t only eat grain seeds. They also ate insects.

Locust populations boomed and they ate everything in their path. Grain production in most rural areas collapsed and a massive famine began. People ran out of things to eat and millions starved. The official number of fatalities from the Chinese government was 15 million. However, it’s estimated by some scholars that the fatalities were as high as 45 or even 78 million.

The Great Famine remains a taboo topic in China more than 50 years later. People started to eat other people, parents ate their kids. Kids ate their own parents. Thousands of people were murdered for food. In his book Tombstone, Chinese journalist Yang Jisheng estimated the deaths at over 36 million people. His book was quickly banned in China.

Mao ordered the end of the campaign against sparrows, replacing them with bed bugs in the ongoing campaign against the Four Pests. The aim of the campaign was to increase agricultural output, but during the Great Leap Forward, rice yields substantially decreased.

Maybe Mao Zedong wanted to conquer nature. However, his policies led to a famine in which millions of lives were lost.

What happens when whites were driven out of Africa, Detroit, and other places? When the brains leave, things fall apart. See this article. And the remaining people vote Liberal – to get free stuff, government handouts. So Liberals simply import low IQ people to vote for them. Liberal media pushes inter-racial copulation and reproduction to lower the average national IQ.

Government propaganda conditions people to believe “we’re all the same” and that whites and Asians and Jews have more, not because they’re more intelligent and productive, but because they “steal” it from the less intelligent people. The dumbing down of civilized countries and the replacement of the civilized population continues unabated.

See this article written two years ago.

Robin Elliott

The A Posteriori Argument Against Fake Refugees

Whites in the Belgian Congo were slaughtered when blacks took over the government. Many moved south to Northern Rhodesia, which then became Zambia when the blacks took over and slaughtered the whites, who in turn moved south to Southern Rhodesia, which became Zambia, and again, whites were slaughtered. So whites moved south to South Africa. When blacks took over in 1994, the writing was on the wall, and whites started leaving – I left in 1997.

So far, over a million whites have fled South Africa, and now those that are left are starting to be, well… slaughtered. (White, Christian, legitimate South African refugee claimants are not accepted in Canada because they are automatically labeled “White Supremacists.”)

Europe and Sweden imported Africans and Muslims, and the results are now in plain view for all to see. But the same a posteriori argument (knowledge that is based on experience) is being proven in places like Detroit and Chicago as well, where blacks dominate government structures. In Britain, as Muslims become mayors of towns and more active in government, the steady decline is obvious.

Of course, the cultural Marxist Western governments and their lapdog media try to hide the damnable results of this “refugee” influx,” but the results are clear for all to witness: murders, rapes, bullying, and abuse by African and Muslim imports. Most are not even real refugees – most are men, and they carry cigarettes and expensive luggage and cellphones.

Black Somali Muslims and other Muslims from North Africa are the ruling power in streets of Germany.

Which brings us home to Canada with our “feminist” drama teacher that hates Canada and mysteriously became the Prime Minister. I say mysteriously because even people who are brain damaged by marijuana and the offspring of Vietnam deserters should know better than to elect this low IQ, androgynous mercenary. The results are already becoming evident: attacks by Muslims and blacks can’t be hidden by lack of reporting or being “politically correct.”

A Somali “refugee” charged with five counts of attempted murder is accused of stabbing a police officer in Edmonton, Canada. Seven young girls were sexually abused by a Muslim in the wave pool at the West Edmonton Mall. I could go on all night. The pattern is clear.

If cultural “enrichment” through the illegal importation and acceptance of fake refugees means being killed, raped, and abused and our freedom of speech seriously curtailed so as not to “offend” them while the perpetrators make no secret of their evil intentions, we can only pray that our next Prime Minister will be Stephen Harper.

Robin Elliott

Why Get More Signs or Improve Your Signs?


Effective signs are revenue generators. More than simply an announcement of your physical location, it is your most responsive and cost-effective advertising option.

 Also, In today’s mobile society, the average driver spends some 540 hours per year on the road, which makes passing motorists a repeat, captive audience for your marketing message.

Retail and businesses signs are an investment.

For instance, let’s take a large exterior sign costing $5,000.00. Instead of viewing this as a large payment for a sign, break it down as a financial investment. For example, over 5 years this investment would be $1000 year, $83 month or just $19.23 week. Now think about what it costs to advertise in the local paper.  One black & white advert could cost anywhere from $200 to $1500 for ONE DAY! Shocking, right?

Your sign is giving you more exposure and delivering a strong message about your business and brand, which will lead to more traffic and ultimately more sales.

“On-premise signage is the most effective, yet the least expensive form of advertising for small business.” — U.S. Small Business Association

First: Exposure

People tend to remember things they see/hear a lot, it’s said that something must be said 3 times for the mind to remember it. The same goes with printed ads, this goes back into the cost again but, in order to keep your name in front of potential customers, you either need to have an ad running constantly (which can cost a ton) or have a sign that stays up for a long time.

Your sign is your sign, you can leave it up year round, 24/7. So every time someone walks, drives, or passes by it you’re name is right there.

Second: Size & Message

When it comes to signage, bigger is almost always better.

The bigger your signs are, the easier they are to read and the more they’re likely to be noticed. Having large signage also allows you to put more information in an easy to read font and size.

Third: Customization

You can truly advertise your business in the way that best fits you and your message. Which makes you stand out from the crowd. When all ads look the same, people stop noticing them. But when your signage sets you apart, people are going to remember.

“The addition of one sign increased sales at retail and restaurant locations from 4 to 12 percent.” — San Diego School of Business research


“Although we are moving more toward a world of digital advertising, brick-and-mortar businesses must still rely on physical signage to help bring in customers. Signage is one of the most important marketing strategies for local businesses, as it can be used for both branding and advertising.” — Business Town

Seeing Beyond the Mundane: 108

unnamed (10)

When you find something interesting, investigate it. After all, there may be a good reason why you found it interesting. When my business partner talked about the number 108, I investigated, and discovered some amazing facts. Too many people are bored, tired, and accepting of their lives and circumstances, yet they are surrounded by fascinating stories and opportunities which they simply ignore.

Renowned mathematicians of the 5,000-year-old Vedic culture viewed 108 as a number of the wholeness of existence. This number also connects the Sun, Moon, and Earth: The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. Such phenomena have given rise to many examples of ritual significance. 108 degrees Fahrenheit is the internal temperature at which the human body’s vital organs begin to fail from overheating.

The author of this article writes, “The distance between the Earth and sun is 108 times the diameter of the sun. Is it possible that our ancient ancestors knew this? Around the time the ancient Vedic texts were being collected, far away Stonehenge was built—the Sarsen Circle is 108 feet in diameter. In Belize, during the era of the Mayans, the High Temple of Lamanai was erected at 108 feet tall—the same height as the funerary Tikal temple in Guatemala. And within the temple of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza in Mexico archeologists believe there to be a second pyramid inside measuring 108 feet wide. These temples, built to worship and to house the souls of great leaders upon their death, perhaps used this number to connect humans not just to our sun as a giver of life, but to the Creator.”

Ken Holmes writes here, “The Greeks’ famous beautiful architecture was based on a height-width relationship know as the “Golden Rule”. You get this by taking two points 108 apart on a circle, joining them with a straight line and comparing that to the circumference of the circle.”

I am now researching the number 8,400.

Robin Elliott