When You Feel Like Quitting


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QUITTING: Sense of “leave, depart” is attested from c.1400; that of “stop” (doing something) is from the 1640s. Meaning “to give up, relinquish” is from mid-15c.

Giving up is easy, and it’s infinitely more comfortable to think up myriad excuses why we quit than to tough it out, to persist. Lance Armstrong, wrote, “Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever. That surrender, even the smallest act of giving up, stays with me. So when I feel like quitting, I ask myself, which would I rather live with?”

And when we are tempted to quit, we should remember why we initiated the adventure in the first place. Many a South African has ruined their life by running back to South Africa’s crime-ridden shores and White genocide when things got hard in their new country after immigrating. We tend to forget the process of building a highrise. You have to go way down and build the foundation before reaching for the stars – something that seems neverending if we don’t maintain an objective, unattached perspective.

But, that being said, IS THERE IS A TIME TO QUIT? And should we dump our final objective, or simply change or alter the way we attain it?

First, if our values, priorities, and circumstances have changed in such a way that the original objective is no longer important, necessary, or worth the effort, especially compared with other options, by all means, cut bait. And don’t be locked in by the Sunk Cost Fallacy or the opinions of others. NEVER consider the opinions of others; it’s your life, and you only get one. Kimberly K. Jones said, “The time to quit is before you wish you had.”

Second, by all means, adjust your methods if you find a more affordable, smarter, quicker, or more effective way of reaching your goals. That’s why it’s good to use Leverage and Collaboration when planning your goal-achieving systems – save a lot of time and money by creating win/win, piggybacking systems that can whisk you along the fast track to your target, like we did when we created IPS Safety Inc. and the IPS Wellness Foundation.

If I want a new bicycle, I don’t start learning how to build a good bicycle and practicing my hacksaw skills; I simply pop along to the local bike shop and buy one. So sometimes, it’s smarter to dump the old ego and make your dreams come true by joining up with people who have more experience, better skills and connections, a ready-made, proven system, and a lucrative reward process already in place, than to learn how from scratch. Consider talking with me to see if there’s a place on our vibrant, exciting IPS Team for you.

Finally, when a born entrepreneur finally quits working for a boss, as I did 30 years ago, he will know, in retrospect, that it was one of the best, most liberating decisions he ever made.

Robin Elliott

P.S. I took this photo of a deer at a stream – it reminded me of freedom. “As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God.” Psalm 42:1


How to Make Money

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A lot of planning, investing, and physical foundations have to be in place before a 42-story highrise is built on this site.

A very wealthy man once contracted me to train the employees of the businesses who purchased products from his franchise and to train his own employees in one of his other businesses. He recommended I read a book that taught me the secret of leverage. I read it several times. I was then tutored by Jay Abraham and other business giants who specialized in Leverage and Joint Ventures.

I used the processes myself and specialized in leverage and collaboration in business for over 30 years, teaching many thousands of other business owners across South Africa, the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom to apply these powerful systems. My track record speaks for itself.

And then my business partner, who has never worked for a boss, and I created a new business with a proven system, based on leverage and collaboration, to serve the fastest growing market segment in the Western world. We made it possible for people to simply plug into this system in order to make money, instead of laboriously creating their own systems. It even works with people who can’t or don’t want to sell or recruit people. It’s product based and it works very well.

Without a proven system that is scalable and flexible enough to adjust to your chosen lifestyle, connections, skillset, resources, and experience, a system in which someone else has done all the foundational work and testing, and continues to do the heavy lifting, administration, and boring stuff, you’re in for a long, tedious, frustrating, and expensive learning curve. And you may not succeed at all. In fact, we designed the system so that even a brand new immigrant with no local connections at all can do well – I based that aspect on what I did when I arrived in Canada 21 years ago.

Now you have the opportunity to piggyback on our combined experience, to fast-track your progress, and to avoid the disappointments.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of being included in our Team, contact me and let’s talk; let’s see if this is right for you.

Robin Elliott


When Co-existence is Not Possible

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Co-existence with psychopathic dictatorships is, in fact, not possible,” said Christopher Hitchens. Co-existence with any psychopath is not possible, even when he joins your church, wears a cross, and smiles and hugs you, because psychopaths are very good at ingratiating themselves and making you doubt your own opinion.

Most politicians, especially those who rise to party leadership, are known to be narcissists and psychopaths: one only has to think of obama and Queen Justin Trudeau. Western politicians will say and do anything and lie through their teeth to get elected, then get re-elected. They will take bribes and curry favour with the worst of the worst to accomplish their goals.

And in order to get more votes, they will import votes in the form of fake refugees who they know full well have no intention of ever finding a job or starting a business. That means that they will depend on that government for handouts, and so they will vote for that government.

Meanwhile the brainwashed, drugged public is told that the Christian thing to do is to welcome and embrace these poor, suffering refugees, because after all, they’ve been told that we’re all the same – yes, even though these inbred “refugees” hate us and are ready to chop our heads off us if we don’t join their so-called “religion.” Meanwhile, rape and brutality is “just part of their culture,” so we are expected to turn a blind eye, and while they can say anything they like about anyone, those who dare “criticise” them are accused of “hate speech” and of being unkind and “judgemental.”

You can’t make friends with a rattlesnake or co-exist with psychopaths and rapists any more than Christ would befriend demons; he drove them into pigs and the pigs rushed into a lake and drowned themselves. Mark 5: 1-20

Robin Elliott

How to Choose the Right Business and Career


A friend of mine who works for a large car company explained to me in detail why the number of car accidents will steadily and rapidly decrease as time goes by because of the computer assistance in new cars, making it increasingly difficult to crash your car. Choosing, therefore, to start a body shop or study in that direction, is not necessarily the smartest business or career plan.

We have to look ahead. Think of a fellow who bought a VHS video rental store or franchise. These days, a VHS rental store is hard to find – the market is all but dead. A few new South Africans who immigrate to Canada are duped into buying stores that sell pricey foodstuffs imported from South Africa – to sell to other South African expats. These stores are failing increasingly since the bulk of South Africans – the smart ones who could – have left South Africa, and the longer we’re here, the less interested we are in buying overpriced South African foodstuffs. A shrinking market.

And so we need to think about a few pointers: 

  1. Is the market growing fast enough to accommodate a surge of people selling into it?
  2. Do we LIKE the people involved in that market, the ones we wish to serve and sell to?
  3. Are we passionate about the service or product we wish to deliver to that market, and are we good at it? Are the services or products we wish to sell unique in some way?

Hastily grabbing at an easily affordable, easily accessible opportunity is short-sighted and dangerous; that’s how desperate people get involved in Ponzi schemes and Network Marketing, Bitcoin, etc. It’s how we get into industries we’re not suited to, like those who can’t sell or communicate becoming Realtors or “Financial Planners.” There has to be a good match: your skill and passion matched with a growing market and a unique range of products and services. And Ideally, seek strong mentorship in the way you choose to go.

And if you’re not flexible and unattached, if you’re weak, timid, or arrogant, and if your values are unimportant to you or you’re undisciplined, impatient, and lazy,  don’t get into your own business.

Here’s more information:


Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com


My Interview with a WW2 Concentration Camp Survivor this Morning: 3 Lessons

Ravensbrück, Konzentrationslager

I was privileged to interview a lady who was a prisoner in the largest womens’ German concentration camp – Ravensbrück – this morning. She was only 17 years old at the time. And she wasn’t even Jewish. I learned three important lessons from her.

In fact, she was Catholic, and she was imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland first. They noticed that people who volunteered for work were given a shovel and allowed out of the ghetto “to work,” however, none of them ever returned – so they wisely stopped volunteering.

Then they were loaded into cattle cars and shipped off to Ravensbrück, where, to her horror, her long hair was shaved off and she was put to work in the aircraft factory with her mother. Of about 130,000 female prisoners who passed through the Ravensbrück camp, about 50,000 of them died, some 2,200 were killed in the gas chambers and only 15,000 survived until liberation.

Among the survivors of Ravensbrück was author Corrie ten Boom, arrested with her family for harbouring Jews in their home in Haarlem, Holland.

Lesson #1: when the writing is on the wall, read it and believe it. It was simply a matter of time, like the White genocide in South Africa. Learn from history, read the signs, be proactive. Those of us who saw what had happened in the rest of Africa and could, therefore, see it coming and could do so, left the country – over a million of us.*

She said that what helped them focus on the moment instead of their plight, including their starvation, was to discuss food and recipes.

Lesson #2: Learn to practice living in the moment during stressful times.

I asked her how her religion helped her in Ravensbrück. She told me she had been to a Catholic school, where it was all about dogma and doctrine and very little about a personal relationship with Christ. Not good preparation for the extreme suffering she was going to endure in Ravensbrück.

Lesson #3: Develop a solid, personal relationship with Christ. This is far more important than any amount of memorization, history, dogma, proving you’re right and all other Christians are wrong, and living a carrot and stick mental delusion.

This elderly lady told me her only wish is that she could remove the terrible memories from her mind. She is nearly blind, yet she takes her walker and goes to the Aquacentre for her swimming exercises every day. It was a decided privilege to talk with this heroine.

*Since Trudeau’s Liberal Canadian government refuses to grant refugee status to White South Africans, a Jewish Canadian friend of mine in Mexico has revealed this optional escape route for them.

Robin Elliott

Similarity Between the Present-Day Liberals of North America and the Nazis


Goebels understood propaganda and made sure the Nazis controlled the media, including the movies. He used the typical characteristics of a cult: Authoritarian leadership, exclusivism and elitism, opposition to independent thinking, fear of being “disfellowshiped” (political correctness and censorship), a polarized “us versus them” mentality, and inducing feelings of shame(sin) and/or guilt in order to influence and/or control members.

“The Nazis were a totalitarian movement who distrusted private life. They wanted to get people out of their houses and see what they were doing and line them up and march them around and make their allegiance relation as public as possible. And so they invented as many as possible occasions for that as they could think of. He captured the minds of German children. The Hitler youth was also involved heavily in propaganda, in parades, in rituals. If you get people young, you can brainwash them.” ~ Robin Lenman, discussing propaganda. See “Scorched Earth – Propaganda” on Netflix.

As the Liberals escalate their attack on Whites, especially White males, the family, Christianity, morality, heterosexuality, and decency, we need to remember that PSYCHOPATHS WILL ALWAYS ACCUSE OTHERS OF WHAT THEY ARE GUILTY OF THEMSELVES. 

For this reason, they call Trump a racist, while they themselves attack Whites, they call him Hitler while carefully following the playbooks of Hitler and Saul Alynski, and they attack gun owners in preparation for the confiscation of firearms from law-abiding citizens, just as the Nazis and Communists and Dictators have done throughout history: disarm and control.

The “Antifa” (Anti-fascist) movement are, in fact, the fascists. The rise of the violent Black Nationalist hate groups who are, in fact, the greatest racists, is spawned and encouraged.by the Liberals’ attack on Whites, just as Hitler attacked Jews. Liberals are the Nazis, and Whites in North America are Hitler’s Jews.

Julius Malema, a prominent, socialist black South African political leader, stated publicly, “We are not calling for White genocide…Yet. We are here unashamedly to disturb the White man’s peace. The time for reconciliation is over.” A million Whites have already fled the country. The new South African President has publicly vowed to seize White farms without compensation. In 2015, there are 54,956,920 blacks in the country, and only 4,534,008 Whites. Over a million Whites have already fled the country. While women’s groups in South Africa estimate that a woman is raped every 26 seconds, the South African police estimate that a woman is raped every 36 seconds.

The Liberal Canadian Government refused asylum requests by White South Africans because concerns for their children or their mothers being assaulted or raped was, in the Canadian Immigration and Refugees Boards words, “based on patently unreliable racist propaganda.”

A Canadian government lawyer for the CIRB said that fear of White children being raped by blacks was, in their words, “highly offensive,” as the information the family relied on was “White supremacist hate literature” that should be IGNORED. 

In 2016/17, an average of 52.1 people was murdered in South Africa every day.  An average of 109.1 rapes was recorded each day.

The Nazis’ use of movies is well known. In spite of the fact that blacks only represent about 3 percent of the Canadian population, at least 60 percent of the actors in Canadian TV commercials are black. The demographics of sexual orientation and gender identity in the United States have been studied in the social sciences in recent decades. In the first large-scale government survey measuring Americans’ sexual orientation, the NHIS reported in July 2014 that 3 percent of Americans identify as gay or lesbian. Yet every movie produced in Hollywood has actors cast as gays and lesbians and the wise leader, the smartest person, the problem solver is always a black actor.

Orwell’s Newspeak from his book, 1984, is being applied at government levels in the US and Canada regarding sexuality.

The resemblance between Nazis and Liberals/”Progressives” is unmistakable and undeniable.

Robin Elliott


Your Future is Clearly Visible

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You don’t need a fortune teller or a crystal ball. There are certain clues out there that will tell you where you’re heading, but also where the people you associate with are heading.  The future is pretty clear when you stand back and take a good, hard look at a few things.

The secret of your future is hidden in plain sight: in your daily routine. What you will be, daily you are becoming. You are what you feed your mind upon. We will reap what we sow.

Where focus goes, energy flows, and business grows. What is your driving passion? That’s what will ultimately determine your decisions and results.

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read” ~ Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. Those with whom you choose to spend most of your time will have a great effect on you.

Here are some pointers when choosing your company:

  • Those who are concerned with being accepted, popular, or with what others say or think, and are afraid of “offending” others should be avoided like the plague. They are probably politically correct, as well – and that’s a cancer.
  • People who “multitask” seldom do anything right and are prone to procrastination, excuses, and mistakes.
  • Procrastination in itself is a red flag.
  • People who show up late on a regular basis and refuse to commit until the last minute, hoping something better will appear, are unreliable. Avoid them.
  • Those who continually fall for the latest scams, like Cryptocurrencies, MLM, the “Gifting Program,” and online, get-rich-quick-schemes are dangerous. They are generally mercenary, desperate, and disloyal.
  • Those who talk about themselves all the time and never ask about you are selfish and not good people to be in business with.
  • Those who make excuses or blame others for their bad choices should be avoided.

On a personal basis, I judge people unworthy of my company if they are addicted to any substance, including food, and other issues which I won’t reveal. Also, I will have nothing to do with Liberals or those who have been brainwashed to believe that we’re “all the same.”

Define your mission, make sure it’s aligned with your passion, skills, strengths, interests, and values, and stick to it. Persevere. Take no interest in what others say or think, unless they’re on your team.

Robin Elliott  LeverageAdvantage.com  

Why Most People Hate Their Jobs: Law or Love?


When you work because you have to, doing what someone else wants you to do instead of what you want to do and what you believe in, when you sell your time like a paid slave, distort your values and overlook things in order to keep your job, you usually do the least for the most, fake a forced smile and bend over to please your taskmasters. That’s a job you don’t like.

A great analogy is found in religion. Bear with me – I will tie it all up at the end with a solution.

The Pharisaic system of religion is a system of works, self-righteousness, merit, achievement, attainment, of a spiritual relationship with God only through ceremony, ritual, and external law-keeping. It found its focal point in the Sabbath.

This is a system of the carrot and stick – reward and punishment – that in fact denies a truly personal relationship. A simple example is a woman who gets a job as a secretary. She is issued with a list of laws and regulations, do’s and don’t’s, by her new boss, what time to show up at work, how much leave she gets, and what has to be done in order to keep her job and get paid.

As time goes by, the woman and her boss fall in love and get married. Now she continues to work with her husband in his business, but she works out of love, her rule of thumb no longer being “what will get me into trouble, and want will get me a raise,” but “how can I please my husband, how can I help him, what can I do to support him?” She has a vested interest in his success and no longer lives in fear of punishment. She no longer tries to manipulate him in order to get a raise or keep her job.

As an example of salvation by works or the Pharisaic system, orthodox Jews are to refrain from the following on their Sabbath:

  • writing, erasing, and tearing;
  • business transactions;
  • driving or riding in cars or other vehicles;
  • shopping;
  • using the telephone;
  • turning on or off anything which uses electricity, including lights, radios, television, computer, air-conditioners and alarm clocks;
  • cooking, baking or kindling a fire;
  • gardening and grass-mowing;
  • doing laundry.

It gets worse. Read all about it here.

A relationship with Christ is based on the concept of love and gratitude for His love, protection, forgiveness, provision, and guidance. That’s why the Bible refers to Christians and the Christian church ass the Bride of Christ. He is referred to as our “Older Brother.”

Cults use control and manipulation, fear and reward. They are spiritual frauds, conmen. The Sabbath, for example, was the sign of the Old Covenant, not the New Covenant. Cults pick and choose scriptures like a spiritual buffet. Christians know that Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, that the Atonement set us free from legalism and Galatianism. I recommend the book by M.D. De Haan, “Law or Grace.”

Back to the job issue. Thirty-one years ago, I started my own business. I decided to work for myself, and I found a way to do so that suited me. I LOVE my business. I haven’t worked for 31 years, yet others will think I work hard. My business is my hobby. This is grace. This is the way it should be. You may find it interesting to learn that most of the Bible was written to entrepreneurs: fishermen, farmers, self-employed people. The lessons are applied in that context.

You may love your job and hate your boss, or love your boss and hate your fellow employees, and love everyone and hate the work, or hate what the work means and the results. Hard to find a job where you believe in what you’re doing, love and respect your boss, and love your fellow workers and customers, because you get to choose what you do, and whom you do it with – like a true entrepreneur who designs his business according to his own values, beliefs, philosophy, skills, talents, goals, and priorities.

Ask me how you can make real money by simply writing letters to people.

Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com

Making Something of Yourself


Someone has learned the art of turning an old, rusty railway spike into a beautiful knife. He could have chosen – yes, it’s a choice – to slave away in a hot kitchen, flipping burgers and whining that the minimum wage is too low and that he can’t afford the mansion in a posh suburb that he feels entitled to. He could blame the government for the blisters on his hands as he learns his art. But he chose to make something of himself. Now his knives are in demand, and he has a flourishing business.

When I was approached by a beggar on a bicycle in the bustling metropolis of Vancouver, I taught him what our semi-socialist society and collectivist government school system failed to do. I said, “So you’re riding along and I am walking, and you are asking me to buy you a MacDonald’s breakfast, just because you want one, right?” He replied indignantly that yes, indeed, he certainly was. He was hungry, he reasoned, and therefore he “deserved” it. My money, that is.

I asked if he had ever considered earning the money, for example offering me the option to ride the bike while he waddled along next to me. I would prefer riding to walking, any day of the week. He revealed that he was too tired to walk. What about offering to polish my shoes in return for compensation, I asked. Oh, no, he protested: he didn’t know how to polish shoes, and he didn’t have any polish, anyway.

So I told him about the homeless fellow in South Africa, where there is no welfare safety net. This poor character had no money and hadn’t eaten for two days. He offered to wash someone’s car with a rag and a pail of water, and the gentleman felt sorry for him, so he gave him money to buy a sandwich. Instead of buying a sandwich, the beggar bought cleaning material and continued offering to clean cars for financial compensation.

He built up his little business until he had enough to purchase a used vacuum cleaner, and he offered to vacuum cars as well, as an added service. Then he built a little trailer which housed his vacuum cleaner and cleaning materials. Meanwhile, the owner of a large car dealership had been watching his progress over the months and offered him the opportunity to clean his entire fleet of cars. Eventually, this entrepreneur built a good business, hiring other beggars to help him. ANYONE could do this.

I’m wrong. Millenials and others with an entitlement, “poor me” mentality will choose, instead, to be parasites and rely on the producers, the government, their wives, and their parents and relatives to provide for them and pay for their drugs, drink, cigarettes, pot, and tattoos. They will whine and complain and never make anything of themselves.

It’s never too late to start over, to make something of ourselves, and to demand others EARN the money they feel entitled to unless they are genuinely mentally or physically disabled.

Robin Elliott    LeverageAdvantage.com

An Opportunity to Promote Your Business

First, who are we?


How does this apply to YOUR BUSINESS?

My closet regularly fills up with promotional jackets and caps that I give to Value Village, along with hundreds of pens, mugs, gadgets, and other expensive paraphernalia that in reality, contrary to what the promo companies claim, shows a very low return on investment. Sponsoring a table at an event or paying to get your name on the program can cost a lot of money for a few brief hours of unexceptional, easily forgotten exposure. Now there is a way to obtain ongoing, MEMORABLE exposure and gratitude for a one-time investment.

If I told you that you could invest a reasonable amount just ONCE, and achieve ongoing, focused promotion and advertising while helping your chosen cause, would you want to know more?

Well, your dream can come true! The non-profit IPS Wellness Foundation has made this possible for a limited amount of time to qualified investors. We are about to provide, free of charge, a limited number of Trike Transporters to charities, organizations that help Seniors and children, churches, the vulnerable, the disabled, the blind, and nursing homes (you get to choose your favourite charity or cause). It’s also an ideal way to provide employment – as pedicabs.

Why Donate Trikes to Seniors’ Homes?

Many Seniors in Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and Care Facilities are bored, depressed, and lonely. They feel isolated, hopeless, and forgotten. Taking them for rides in our spacious, safe, comfortable, battery-assisted Trikes allows them a break from monotony, a chance to spend time with others, some fun outdoors, the wind in their hair. When last did they have a bike ride? Create memorable experiences, show that someone cares, add to their quality of life.

If your application to invest in one or more of these Trike Transporters is accepted, we will provide the fully assembled and tested Trikes that can be decorated with your chosen advertising promotions on the backs and sides of the trikes, in your name. The volunteers piloting the trikes can also wear your company T-Shirts. You may even wish to make the presentation at the handing over ceremony for even more free publicity and press coverage – where your company is the centre of attraction!

Your Trike Transporters will be a donation from your business or organization and you will receive full credit. Each Trike will carry Donated by and your advertising on three sides. Whoever sees the Trikes or rides in them will see your advertising. Also ideal for conferences, parades, malls, car dealerships, and shows.

Most importantly of all, you will be known as a company who CARES about the vulnerable in our society and does something about it. Seniors in Care Homes, for example, can receive some respite from the loneliness, boredom, isolation, and depression that many of them suffer from when they are taken for a safe, exhilarating ride outdoors in your Trike.

An investment in Trikes in 1,000 times more effective than a framed certificate, a one-hit, quickly forgotten sponsorship or doing what everyone else is doing. Here’s a way for your business to stand out and be NOTICED – on an ongoing basis. You can even own the Trikes yourself and use them, branded with your name, at public events, conventions, and trade shows.

Call me, Robin Elliott, for quotes and more information.