The Downfall of Western Civilization


“The neo-mystics replaced it with the good of society, this collapsing into the circulation of a definition such as the standard of the good is that which is good for society this meant, in logic, and today, in worldwide practice, that society stands above any principles of ethics, since it is the source, standard, and criterion of ethics, since the good is whatever it chooses to do, because it chooses to do it.

“And since there is no such entity as society, since society is only a number of individual men, this meant that some men, the majority, or any gang that claims to be its spokesman, are ethically entitled to pursue any whims or any atrocities that they desire to pursue, while other men are ethically obliged to spend their lives in the service of that gang’s desires. This could hardly be called rational, yet most philosophers have now decided to declare that reason has failed, that ethics is outside the power of reason, that no rational ethics can ever be designed.” ~ Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness.

The cancer in Western Civilization that has spawned the poisonous Cultural Marxism that besets us today is the Altruism that has been embraced by many religious groups, which are at once both intimidated and enraptured by that very perversion and inversion of all decency which they loudly profess to stand for, continuing to bend their rules and receive “new revelation,” which mysterious blends with the will of the prevailing government and which allows the bullying and massacre of the higher IQ, productive races by the lower IQ, parasitical races. These leeches increasingly require government assistance and can, therefore, be manipulated by government and be assured of their blind loyalty in the voting booth. The r/K selection Theory is at work.

Remember the motto of the failed Twentieth Century Motor Company in Atlas Shrugged? “The plan was that everybody in the factory would work according to his ability, but would be paid according to his need.”

Ayn Rand further defines reeking altruism, which now slithers around in the fetid robes of the diabolical “Political Correctness,” thus: “Do not confuse altruism with kindness, good will or respect for the rights of others. These are not primaries, but consequences, which, in fact, altruism makes impossible. The irreducible primary of altruism, the basic absolute, is self-sacrifice—which means; self-immolation, self-abnegation, self-denial, self-destruction—which means: the self as a standard of evil, the selfless as a standard of the good.”

And so we see the demonic gorgons, Merkel and Hillary on the one hand, and the gormless, androgynous, weak Obama and Trudeau, marionettes of the big banks and their owners on the other, in positions of great power, bent on the destruction of Western civilization through the mass importation of parasites and our sworn enemies and the protection of misandry and anything non-white and anti-Christian. Trump has yet to prove himself against all odds as he faces the concentrated power of Satan’s Leftist legions.

It seems the torch is being passed to two countries that don’t have mercenary leaders who seek election above all, and which are not phased or influenced by public opinion, pressure from banks, or altruism: Russia and China, unless America can miraculously break free and regain her morality, which is doubtful, to say the least.

Robin Elliott


If You’re a Senior, Worried About Your Financial Future…


If you’re at least 45 years old and concerned about your financial future in a world of rising costs, this could be what you’ve been looking for, regardless of your age, background, experience or education. After 45, it’s hard to get a job that pays well. We have less energy, and we don’t want pressure. But we need something that will help us financially.

And we are too smart to fall for the old stock market/mutual funds/quick buck/MLM schemes. Once bitten, twice shy. We look for something that provides real solutions with real products, and ideally, we like products that will help other Seniors. Because we are familiar with the challenges they face.

Our company cares deeply about the safety and security of Seniors. As Seniors ourselves, we are painfully aware of the increasing incidents of Elder Abuse, as well as the health and money dilemmas and other challenges that many Seniors are facing.

Seniors are more patient, experienced, hard working, and disciplined than most younger people today, we are able to follow instructions and innovate, and we’re not easily intimidated or awed by “important” people. And that is the reason why our company, IPS Safety Inc., is looking to recruit more Seniors as Distributors of our products. We’re a Canadian company serving Canada and the United States.

Most people are not salespeople, and this opportunity is designed to take that into consideration. This is a unique chance, carefully designed to custom fit your particular needs, resources, budget, timetable, experience, personality, and skills.

For a relaxed chat on the phone with no pressure of obligation, why not give us a call and see if we’re a good fit? Here is the opportunity:

This is our company: IPS Safety Inc.

Robin Elliott

A Senior’s Cure for Loneliness and Sadness

20170727_111748 (3)

Many people, especially the elderly, are lonely. Some actually visit their hairdresser and have their hair done just to have someone to talk to (many of the hairdressers I trained to sell told me this), or they will corner someone in the supermarket or post office to talk “at” them. And have you ever heard the tired, sad utterances of single women who “need a man” because they’re so lonely? Talk about setting yourself up for disappointment – what a price to pay! What a risk to take. And some of the loneliest people are married. What to do?

My mom was in the hospital and constantly surrounded by visitors and well-wishers. There was a woman in the bed next to hers, and I chatted with her. She complained that it was “unfair” that my mom had so many visitors, while she had none. I asked her what her lifestyle was. She had a cat and pretty much kept to herself, she said. So I told her about my mom: Although money was tight, my mom regularly visited people in the hospital, gave avocado pears to poor people, had poor people who were visiting their loved ones in hospital stay in her home for free. These visitors she received were merely reciprocating.

Here are eight useful pointers:

  1. Join a group of senior citizens who go on local tours and outings, usually arranged by Seniors’ Centres and usually quite affordable. Take a class with other seniors.
  2. Ladies can join the Red Hatters and men can join a Masonic Lodge. Join a church, volunteer to work in a hospital Thrift Store, visit people in the hospital. Be a friend to have a friend. Join a band! Teach a young person to fix his car.
  3. Don’t rely on your adult children. Many, for various reasons, will not want a relationship with you, may be influenced by their spouses, or may simply be selfish and uncaring. With no expectations, you won’t be disappointed. Create your life – don’t wait for others to do so.
  4. Be a good neighbour, walk someone’s dog, be friendly, teach your neighbour to bake a cake or arrange flowers. Associate with positive, optimistic people.
  5. Be a good friend to yourself; you’re born alone and you will die alone, and we need to come to terms with ourselves, to forgive ourselves, to accept and like ourselves, to find things that we are proud of.
  6. Read Dale Carnegie’s amazing book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” It has some excellent ideas and truths.
  7. Get a dog. Many elderly people tell me that the companionship, the unconditional love they enjoy from their pets, is a great boost to their mood and that they feel that no person could do more.
  8. Start your own business. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn, how many wonderful people you can meet in that way. But don’t risk more money than you can afford to lose.

WARNING: Reminiscing, thinking about the past, reading old letters, looking through old photo albums, can make one sad. Plan for your day, your week, next week, your future. Get busy. Set goals. When we focus on helping others, even in a small way, we forget our aches and pains and sorrows more easily. I have suffered from depression all my life (I am now thankfully on medication that takes care of it) – I know whereof I speak.

Robin Elliott






Does Your Business Limit Your Income?

20170727_132452 (2)

I visited the Vacuum Store to buy a new filter for my Bissell vacuum cleaner. I took my car in to get the oil changed. I bought leechies at the local fruit store. My wife had her hair cut at the hair salon. We ate a restaurant, the maid came in and cleaned our house, the landscapers cut the grass. All of these businesses have built in limitations on them. There is a limit on the amount of money the owners can make. Why?

They have a limited geographical footprint. The restaurant can’t serve people in other cities, and they have limited seating. Most businesses are limited by the amount of space they lease, the amount of inventory they carry, the number of people they employ, the number of customers they can help. Most do not even have a back end.

So when you create a business, look for the largest growing market and determine to use the Internet to reach it. In addition, find an industry that is popular, growing, and necessary. Look for flexibility.

Then, create an opportunity to use the two magic ingredients of massive growth: Leverage and Collaboration. That way, you can create multiple income streams, passive income, and unlimited reach – leveraging and using the resources of others and the Intrnet. In that way, you can create an unlimited business.

A few acorns can spawn giant trees that last for hundreds of years and produce millions of acorns. Every giant business you see started small, so never despise small beginnings.

My business partner and I created IPS Safety Inc. based on the above criteria: the burgeoning Seniors market, and electronic safety and security devices and cameras, and everything is purchased online via our website. We sell Distributorships and our Distributors recruit Salespeople. Sales are made one-on-one, via centres of influence, organizations, businesses, and government, and on the Internet. We can grow and change our product base at will and we provide personal support and warranties to our valued customers and on-going training and coaching for our Distributors and Salespeople. And we’re not limited to the Seniors market, either.; our products and help businesses, homes, and vulnerable people anywhere.

We can grow and change our product base at will and we provide personal support and warranties to our valued customers and on-going training and coaching for our Distributors and Salespeople. And we’re not limited to the Seniors market, either.; our products and help businesses, homes, and vulnerable people anywhere.

Our Salespeople and Distributors can sell our products anywhere in North America and we will soon expand into more countries. We have removed the barriers to our income and the income of our Distributors and Salespeople. Together, as a cohesive, focused team, we are doing amazing things.

Robin Elliott

That Awful Mistake You Made: 3 Questions


“The awful daring of a moment’s surrender which an age of prudence can never retract. By this, and only this, we have existed.”
― T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land

Too many of us are haunted by our past mistakes, beating ourselves up with guilt and the consequence of subconscious self-sabotage. Too many of us have paid the price repeatedly for far too long; like paying over and over again for the candy you bought and ate years ago. There are three simple questions you can answer to overcome this, to cast this vile, debilitating burden off your back.

The Buddha said that holding on to unforgiveness is like holding a burning coal in your hand. These three questions can help you release this coal, forgive yourself, and move on:

Question #1:

In retrospect, if you knew at the time you made the mistake, what the consequences of that choice would be, would you have made it? If not, if you have grown past that, and would not make that mistake again today, you need to ask forgiveness of the person you harmed, if it is appropriate, and forgive yourself, and move on with your life.

Question #2:

If you have asked forgiveness, and the person whose forgiveness you requested refuses to forgive you, do you still blame yourself, and suffer guilt? You shouldn’t; now that person has assumed the weight of guilt because of their refusal to forgive you.

Question #3:

Have you done all you can to repair the damage caused by your mistake/bad choice? If you have, your new life has begun, and you need to accept that. If I paint a wall the wrong colour and have repainted it the right colour, I don’t need to repeatedly repaint it every day.

Søren Kierkegaard wrote, “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” And Rick Warren, in his book, The Purpose Driven Life, wrote, “We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.” 

Let us set ourselves free, today, from the putrid prison of past mistakes. Let us cast the huge and heavy load of unforgiveness away and run free, fresh, and unencumbered into a bright future. As a Christian, the first thing I do is ask God for forgiveness, since that is what Christ died for. I am assured of the fact that when I ask sincerely and repent, I am forgiven. And the easiest way I have found to forgive others is to pray for them.

Robin Elliott

Guiding Your Ship to Your Treasure Island


Ships don’t sink because of all the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets into them. How does this apply to you? We see it happening in our Western countries – the rubbish that is imported into our countries under the guise of “refugees” – but on a personal level, how does this apply to us?

What do you allow into your brain? In other words, what do you read, what songs do you listen to, what people do you listen to, what do you look at, what movies do you watch, What do you see and hear? Negative information is like the water getting into a ship. Good information – the truth, in other words – strengthens the hull of your ship in order that it may handle the storms of life better.

Smart people MANAGE their lives. Their goals and the actions they take to achieve those goals are carefully aligned – like arrows, all being shot in the same direction, away from the archer towards the enemy, not towards the archer. Like the runner I saw one day: she was all togged up in her running gear, complete with water bottle, bandana, the usual showy outfit, yet, when she stopped for a rest, she lit a cigarette! Crazy. Like breaking your diet, like shooting yourself in the foot, or letting water into your ship.

In the business arena, there are many people who are arranging the deck chairs and setting up their orchestras on sinking ships. That’s like buying a video store. Blockbuster has had its day. Make sure the business you start/buy into isn’t a sinking ship. Find one that is flexible, that can change fast and adjust to the times, that is reaching a growing market, like this one. The Sunk Cost Fallacy locks people into dying businesses and relationships that are no longer nurturing, simply because they have already spent so much time, effort and money in those relationships or businesses. Break free – cut bait!

 “Even a life raft is only supposed to get you from the sinking ship back to land, you were never intended to live in the life raft, to drift years on end, in sight of land but never close enough.” ― Nick Flynn

Reassess your life, your options, and your choices on a regular basis. What needs to be thrown overboard? What needs to be changed? What is allowing water into your beautiful ship? How can you strengthen your sails? How should you adjust your sails in order to take full advantage of the prevailing winds?

Robin Elliott

A Baby Boomer Business Beyond Compare


The highly-respected author, Robert Kiyosaki, writes,Don’t look now— but we Baby Boomers aren’t kids anymore. We’re now the Dads and Grandpas (and Moms and Grandmas) that today’s Gen-Y kids roll their eyes at. They think we don’t know how to use a computer or an iPad. And we’re probably the last people anyone under 30 thinks would start a business.

“Well, I have an announcement: we’re not dead yet! Boomers (born between 1946-1964) have been starting businesses at rates like never before. In fact, every one of the past 15 years, Boomers have had a higher rate of entrepreneurial activity than Gen-Y’ers.

There are a number of reasons for this, but my own non-scientific favorites are:

– Boomers come from a self-reliant generation that’s not afraid of hard work
– Boomers have a lifetime of experience they want to apply in their own businesses
– 50 (even 60!) is the new 30!

The great news is, this has to be the best time ever to start a business. Because the internet has made the whole world our marketplace.”

Here’s an Ideal Business for Baby Boomers:

Baby Boomers understand each other. And the fastest growing market in North America is Seniors and the safety and security of Seniors.

Now there is truly affordable business – a distributorship – that is designed to adjust to YOUR personal needs, resources, skills, time, and experience as one of our valued Distributors.

We serve the United States and Canada. Real products, real people, real money.

We provide electronic devices – cameras, tracking, SOS, fall devices, and hidden cameras – to keep Seniors safe. No inventory, shipping, or collecting money for you to worry about: all sales are made and tracked through our company website.

You will receive full training, mentoring, and support. We’re just a phone call away, based right here in Vancouver, Canada.

More information here.

Robin Elliott

Do You Have Wings?


Why is a bird not concerned that the branch on which it is precariously perched might break? Because the bird can fly. Why is one man terrified of old age and the onslaught of illness, while another takes it in his stride? Why does one panic when financial stress hits, while another calmly deals with it? Why does one person go to pieces when he loses his job, while another sees only opportunity?

At the age of sixty-four, I have seen people on both sides. I talked this morning with a woman of eighty-two, and last week received an email from another one aged eighty-four, and both are actively building their businesses. Google multi-millionaires who got rich in their own businesses after getting fired from a job. Note how many business owners went bankrupt several times before attaining great success. These people can fly.

Any nurse can tell you stories about people who coped exceptionally well with astonishingly difficult physical ailments. I see how well my wife (above) has coped with years of pain and physical restriction. She doesn’t just fly – she soars. And the ability to fly is not simply a matter of attending a seminar run by some narcissist in a shiny pink satin suit; it is accomplished through hard work.

I knew a Buddhist who could fly; the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path were a part of his very being. My sister is a Christian who, without her relationship with Christ and the work she puts into her daily walk with Him, plus her understanding of His way, would never be able to cope with her extreme physical challenges. Instead, she enjoys the “peace that passeth all understanding.”

And it all comes down to how we interpret our circumstances and challenges in life, how we frame them, how we choose to perceive them. We are all capable of choices, of what we focus on. Where focus goes, energy flows, and results grow. When you hang around with people who point out the hopelessness of your situation and emphasize the problems, you have little chance of flying. Consider Job’s wife, who, as a solution to his dire straits, recommended he “curse God and die,” or his so-called friends who told him that God was punishing him for his past sins.

From a financial perspective, the elderly have to endure physical frailty, and this exacerbates our financial challenges as the cost of pharmaceuticals, operations, and dental work soar. Fortunately, many of us come from an era in which personal independence, good manners, respect, discipline, and responsibility was a way of life, so we have the built-in ability to fly if we choose to do so.

By the time I turned 23, I was married with a child, I had finished school, spent a year in the army, worked for the government for a year, done part-time jobs while attending and completing a three-year diploma course in Hotel Management, and I was now running a restaurant. Believe me, I can fly. I hear of useless, thirty-five-year-old pot smokers who still live with their aging parents. They are incapable of flying.

Learn to fly: adopt the right value system, surround yourself with winners, feed your mind with the correct information, learn to change the stories you tell yourself about the circumstances you face and the choices that lie before you. Talk with, and learn from those who have attained real success in life and who cope well with adverse conditions. Make courageous choices. Take full personal responsibility for every area of your life. Stop playing the blame game. Step up and man up. I told a friend whom I was coaching, “It’s time to put on your Bitch Boots.” She did.

It’s never too late to start over.

Robin Elliott

Tired of Talking with Twits?


20170705_121525 (2)

We only have 24 hours a day. And it’s running out. In effect, we die a little each day as we get older; we get closer to death. Yet many of us, because of the brainwashing and conditioning of the government-controlled Socialist media, feel afraid of upsetting, “triggering,” or “offending” people, so we waste our time, which is our very lives, our most important, most valuable, irreplaceable resource, by listening to them and conversing with them.

There are so many more important things to be done with our time. Read a good book, get healthy exercise, talk with and learn from intelligent people, spend time with those you respect and love, commune with your God, build your business, clean your gun, weed the garden, play with your dog. Reenergize by communing with nature

Earl Nightingale said, “Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.” It’s time to cut the losers and parasites out of our lives, to reject this “Politically Correct” BS and purposefully offend anyone who subscribes to the Social Marxism that is destroying our civilization.

I don’t have time to waste on losers and birdbrains; there are so many meaningful, enjoyable things I can rather use my time for. I will no longer tolerate the rubbish that the brainwashed rabble blurt out. Let us grant our time the respect it deserves. Listening to some tattooed, Liberal jackass is like throwing garbage into your mind. Let’s feed our minds a healthy diet. Don’t defile your integrity or violate your values.

Don’t go with your default setting or yield to inertia. Despise those who make pre-programmed, socially conditioned decisions. Run in the opposite direction to the masses.

Here’s a brilliant actor acting like an uneducated, ill-informed, arrogant, low IQ Liberal: Click here.

Robin Elliott

How Does This Apply to YOU?

1617683_1464673800419721_1314149025_o (2)

In 1978, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank had just heard the two words that employees everywhere fear: “You’re fired.” Their perspective changed, however, when a friend told them that they’d “been kicked in the a** with a golden horseshoe.” Being fired was, in fact, a blessing in disguise. Their book, Built from Scratch, is the inside story of how these two determined executives constructed the Home Depot empire from the ground up.

“You want a formula for success? Take two Jews who have just been fired, add an Irishman who just walked away from a bankruptcy and an Italian running a no-name investment banking firm.” — Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank

How does that apply to YOU? What lessons can we glean from this remarkable success story?

First, it’s hard to create real success alone; it’s a lot more expensive, it takes a much longer time, and it can be an emotional roller-coaster ride. Plus, you will never attain the same heights of success that you could when teamed up with others. When one is down, the others can encourage him or her. Teamwork does make the dream work – if you have the right team, of course.

Secondly, it’s never too late. If you’ve heard that before, it’s because it is true. As we get older, we make less silly mistakes, we are more realistic, more patient, wiser, more experienced, more skilled, and more likely to make good choices. Your ego is in check because you have matured and learnt that you don’t know everything.

Thirdly, the sky’s the limit. Together, we can do amazing things, and, especially if your business can operate online and offline, geographic barriers fall away, and with them, earning potential. The Internet opens many doors for real entrepreneurs.

Fourthly, we all have weaknesses and areas that we know little about. In the right team, we can all contribute what we’re good at, and avoid failure by staying away from things we’re not good at.

And finally, in fifth place, we tend to be more objective, realistic, and rational in the right team. This is essential for a successful business and for solid growth. We also tend to be more flexible and less pig-headed. The team brings balance and perspective.

When selecting your team, seek people with a good track record, not only in business but even in sports, their families, their communities. Winners have successes/track records starting when they were children. Avoid losers, parasites, and whiners at all costs.

In our business, we offer the right people (usually over the age of 45) the opportunity to participate in a growing business with an excellent team by investing in a Distributorship.

We can build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

Robin Elliott